summer love or longer?

jade and her sister Gabrielle live in California but ever since their dad died last month their mother has treated them like crap, so they decide to run away, they buy plane tickets to London. well lets just say something quite interesting happens.


9. besties

perries POV

we arrived at the hotel and went straight to the room, when we got there i knocked on the door we waited 2 minutes so i was about to knock again when a very pretty blonde girl opened the door, she was about 5'5 and looked about 18. "hello love" i said to her pulling her into a ground "hi" she said and made way for us to walk in.

jades POV

i hugged all the girls and showed them to their rooms. i was showing perrie to her room and was about to leave so she could unpack when she called me back, "hey jade can i talked to you" she asked "sure" i said walking back in, "i know i just met you and dont know anything about you but i think we are gonna be best friends." she said to me " aww thank you, you are my role model and i would love for us to be friends". i replied to her "i hope, one more thing jade, will you help me unpack?" she asked me, "of course" i said back.

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