Louis Tomlinson? My brother.

Ever heard of a band named One direction? Yes? Well the member Louis Tomlinson is 16 year old Layla Tomlinson's older brother. What happens when One direction come back from a 1 month tour? Will things be the same? Drama also hits when Niall admits to loving Layla. But Layla loves Harry! Will over protective Louis jump in? Will things ever be the same with the friends? Find out in Louis Tomlinson? My brother.


1. Coming Home.

Layla POV

Hello there! My name is Layla Tomlinson. Sister and probably best friend of Louis Tomlinson from the band 'One direction'. Your probably thinking, "ITS SO AWESOME HAVING YOUR BROTHER IN A BAND." Well no, he's always on tour. Girls are always tearing him apart. Im not saying I don't love the fans! I love them! I follow most of them on twitter and instagram. They are the most awesome people in the world! I just don't like when they think that Im the dumb one. Just because Im his sister? Wow. You don't know me. I remember Louis standing up for me on twitter once. How I love him. I miss him too. Im just laying in my bed thinking about him..."LAYLA GET UP! FIZZY MADE PANCAKES 10 MINUTES AGO AND THEY ARE GETTING COLD!" Daisy screamed from down the stairs. Daisy is one of the twins. She is 8, so is Phoebe. Yeah their twins. I hate having twins in the house. Blah. Sometimes I cant tell them apart. AND THEY ARE MY SISTERS. I guess Im that stupid. Eh I don't care. "OH SHUT UP AND EAT YOUR FLAPJACKS AND BUTTER!!!" I yelled coming down the stairs. "Someones in a pissy mood." Lottie said adding butter to her pancakes. "Blah." I said getting some from the stove. Lottie is probably my favorite girl out of all of them. She's close to my age and she's close to Louis like I am now. I miss him so much. "Daisy stop hogging the orange juice!!!!" Phoebe said grabbing it from Daisy. "Calm your tits Im just pouring some!!!" Daisy said grabbing it back. "Someones being a bitch today." Phoebe said grabbing a cup. "LANGUAGE!" Fizzy said cleaning the pans the made the pancakes with. "Please Fizzy its not like you don't swear." Daisy said handing the juice to Phoebe. "I do, but not around you people." Fizzy said grabbing her phone and heading for the couch. "Whens Louis coming back Layla??" Daisy said coming up to me. "I think next week, he's still in Russia." I said holding back tears. "Its okay Layla, I know how close you are to Louis. He'll be back soon." Lottie said handing me some strawberries. My favorite. "I know Lottie." I said slouching in my seat. My phone started to ring. My ringtone was 'Hotel Room Service' by Pit bull. I ignored it until Daisy brought it to me. "Your phones ringing." Daisy said with a grin on her face. "Yeah, phones do that." I said still eating. Lottie looked at it and formed the same grin Daisy had on her face. "Check the number." Lottie said pointing to it. I looked confused at her and checked the number. 'Boo Bear <3' was in big green letters on my screen. "LOU IS CALLING ME EVERYONE SHUT UP!!" I said hitting accept on the phone. "Louis!!!" I said almost screaming onto the phone. "Layla!!!!!! I miss you so much!!!" He said. I could tell he was holding back tears. "Hi Layla!" Niall said in the back. "Nia- Wait, AM I ON SPEAKER?!" I said laughing putting him on speaker. "Yeah." Liam said in the back laughing. "Well you are too now!" Daisy said into the phone. "Daisy! Phoebe! Lottie! Fizzy! Are you there!?" Louis said excited on the phone. "Of course their here, where else will they go!?" I said laughing. "Duh." Louis said. "Sassy siblings!" Zayn said screaming. "Sassy Tomlinsons!" We all said. 'We' Means all the siblings. Louis and the 5 girls. "Oh god." Liam said. I could tell he was doing a poker face. Liam always does that whenever we do that. "So I have some good news..." Louis said happily on the phone. "What?" Phoebe said. "Im coming home tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Louis said so happy he started to cry. I screamed as loud as I can. MY BROTHER IS COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "Im so excited Louis!!" Daisy said grabbing the phone. "You have 3 seconds to give that phone back." I said pointing at her. "Here," She said handing it to me and rolling her eyes. "Roll your eyes all you want Im the one who's gonna win in the end." I said going upstairs. "I have to go Layla. Ill be back in 6 hours. Love you!" Louis said sending me kiss noises through the phone. "Bye boo bear! See you tonight..." I said sending him some kiss noises. I look at myself in the mirror. All I could see was Louis on me. I don't know why I mean, we have different dads and all but, still. "LAYLA! DAISY HIT ME!" Phoebe said kicking me out of thought. "GOD PHOEBE WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BE SUCH A BABY!?!?!?" Daisy screamed at her. I ran downstairs. "Cant you guys stop?! Louis is finally coming back and the house is a wreck,you guys look hideous. And smell. Daisy when is the last time you showered?!?" I said grabbing Daisy's arm. "3,4 days ago." She said looking down. "Shower NOW!" I said pushing her. She started walking up the stairs and I grabbed Fizzy's phone. "Hey!" She said trying to get it back. "You haven't left that couch! Only when you eat or go to the bathroom! Your in charge of cleaning the living room." I said walking away. "But-" She started to say. "DO IT FOR LOUIS." I said grabbing a fork from the sink. I might as well wash the dishes. "Fine." She said starting to pick up her mess. "Thank you." I whispered. "Phoebe, go make sure Louis room is clean." Lottie said picking up some garbage from the dining area. "You know Louis is a slob! Of course his room isn't clean!!!" Phoebe said crossing her arms. "Now or-" Lottie said thinking about what to say. "No dolls for a week!" I said finishing Lottie's sentence. "You wouldn't!" Phoebe said opening her eyes and standing straight. "Watch me." Lottie said grabbing one of Phoebe's dolls from the kitchen floor and holding it over the garbage can. "Not Mary!" Phoebe said trying to fight back. "Go clean." I said carrying her to the staircase. "Fine, but you owe me one!" She said pointing at me. "Owe you what? Money? Girl I don't think so." I said still looking at the dishes. 3 hours later, we were all done. Everywhere was clean. And the house was stocked with food. We were ready for Louis arrival. "We still have 3 hours, what do you want to do?" Lottie said looking at the clock. "Old time rock and roll?" Daisy said smirking at me. "Lets do it." I said running upstairs. I grabbed 4 of the button down shirts from dads closet and threw them to the girls. We got fuzzy knee high socks on and threw our pants off. We put the shirt on and put Lottie's Ipod on the dock in the dining area. The song was 'Old time rock and roll' by Bob Seeger. Once the song started we all sang along. "JUST TAKE THOSE OLD RECORDS OFF THE SHELF," Fizzy started singing. "Ill sit and listen to them by myself!" Daisy started dancing while she sang this part. "TODAYS MUSIC AINT GOT THE SAME SOUL." Lottie sang. "I LIKE THAT OLD TIME ROCK AND ROLL!" I yelled making sure the neighbors could hear me. "DONT TRY TO TAKE ME TO A DISCO!" Lottie yelled. Then the music played the part where it says, "You'd never even get me out on the floor.", Which was the part Louis used to sing. We all stayed quiet. "IN TEN MINUTES ILL BE LATE FOR THE DOOR." Fizzy screamed. "I LIKE THAT OLD TIME ROCK AND ROLL!" Daisy yelled. "STILL LIKE THAT OLD TIME ROCK AND ROLL." I heard from someone. It wasn't me,Daisy,Lottie,Phoebe,or Fizzy. It was Louis. And he already was dressed for this! The man didn't have pants on, he wore fuzzy socks, and a button down shirt. "LOUIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed running for him. He held out his arms and I jumped in them. I started to cry. Me and Him both. "Hello Love." he said twirling me around. I felt the air on my legs as he twirled me. "I missed you so much!" I said getting back on the kitchen and dancing with him. "Old time rock and roll!!!" He said dancing with me. "Oh yeah there are other people here. Oops." I said running to Harry and hugging him. "Hello there Layla!!!" He said holding me. "LAYLA!!!" Niall said holding out his arms. "Niall!!! Wheres my Horan hug?" I said mad. "Right here!" He said smoshing me between his arms. "Cant. Breath. Need. Air." I said in between breaths from the hug. "Sorry." Niall said laughing and letting me go. "LIAM!" I said running to him and hugging him. While I was hugging Liam, Zayn grabbed my waist and held me in his arms, taking me away from Liam. "Hello Layla!" Zayn said laughing. "Hello Malik!" I said laughing. I heard my song play....'September' by Earth,Wind,and Fire. "How the stars stole the night away......." Daisy said handing me the broom they were using as a mic. 'BADEYA SAY DO YOU REMEMBER? BA DE YA, DANCING IN SEPTEMBER, BA DE YA NEVER WAS A CLOUDY DAYYYY!!!!!!" I said laughing at my weirdness. I missed this. And I finally got it back!


You guys like this chapter? Aww Its one happy family? NO. DRAMA HITS IN THE NEXT CHAPTER WATCH!!! Hah'! Lol. 

~Layla <3 

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