The Meaning Of "Love"

Liz had been searching for legitimately years! Just as she started to feel she was hopeless, he was there, right in front of her. She just didn't know yet. Her friend, Alexia was trying to set them up, but every time Liz said no. Sure he was nice, funny, smart, and cute, but she had known him for just a few weeks. Will she fall for him, or will she give up and move on with her her life?


7. Why Did I Do That

Liz's P.O.V

I grabbed Jake's hand and then grabbed Trina's hand. I pulled them out of the school building.

"What are we doing?" Jake yelled.

"I don't like it in there. It reeks of desperation and misery!" I yelled back.

"That doesn't answer his question!" Trina shouted. I just rolled my eyes and kept running. I didn't need to worry anymore. My father is gone, and hopefully I will never see another whore in my house again! My father couldn't touch me, not verbally or physically. I ran right up to my house.

"Where are we?" Jake asked.

"My house." I simply said.

"Wha-what about your dad?!" Jake loudly whispered. 

"What about her dad? I'm confused." Trina whined.

"It's okay. Didn't you hear, he is long gone!" I said cheerfully. They exchanged confused looks when i opened the door and walked in. I showed them around. When we got to my dads room, I think they could tell I was holding back tears.

"This is um, where my mom died." I choked looking at the blood stained into the carpet. I felt a hand on my on my shoulder.

"It's okay." Trina said trying to comfort me. I pushed her hand off of me and clutched my hands into fists.

"No! It's not okay! My dad beat her to death and wasn't planing to stop! He wanted to hurt us! For non other reason but for his amusement! I could have died!"

"Wait he beat you?!" Trina questioned, "How many years has this been happening?!"

"Six years." I mumbled.

"And you waited till now to to something!" Jake stepped in.

"I was fucking scared! I saw what he did to my mom! I didn't want that to happen to me! You don't understand!" I screamed as I ran to my room. I heard them talking, but I didn't hear exactly what they said. Just then Jake walked in.

"Actually, Trina's mom shot herself right in front of Trina when she was about six." Jake said, "It's like the world doesn't want the outcasts to be happy." He said. He took the sleeve of his shirt and wiped the pouring tears off my face. I looked into his eyes. They were a dark blue. I slowly moved closer to him until our lips crashed together. After about two minutes I stood up and ran out the door. Why did I fucking kiss Jake!


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