The Meaning Of "Love"

Liz had been searching for legitimately years! Just as she started to feel she was hopeless, he was there, right in front of her. She just didn't know yet. Her friend, Alexia was trying to set them up, but every time Liz said no. Sure he was nice, funny, smart, and cute, but she had known him for just a few weeks. Will she fall for him, or will she give up and move on with her her life?


6. This Shit.

Liz's P.O.V

I was walking with Jake after class.

"So in class we have to do definitions of assigned words. And me out of all people, get's the word 'Love'." I complained, "There is no mother fucking definition to the word love. It's retarded!"

"Eh, I have to do the definition of toilet." He laughed.

"You have got to be kidding me." I giggled.

"I wish I was joking." He said. 


<Later On>

I quietly walked into the house again. But this time there was no whore. I felt someone pull me by 

the hair into my dads bedroom. I screamed and kicked but it was no use. When he let go of me i quickly stood up.

"Get on the bed, love." He ordered.

"Haha. Oh hell no!" I said with a smirk and kicked him in the balls. He fell to the floor. I ran passed him and out the door. I ran straight to Alexia's house.

"What the fuck is wrong?' She asked.

"Call them now!" I yelled. She pulled her phone out of her pocket and dialed 911. Within five minutes the whole neighborhood and the cops were at my house.

"Sweetie! You can't let them do this to me!" My dad yelled as he was pushed to the cop car.

"Bye daddy! I wont miss you!" I yelled as I blew him a kiss.

"Fuck you! I never loved you!" He screamed. I smiled and flipped him of as he rode passed. That monster was finally out of my life! I was done with his shit.

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