The Meaning Of "Love"

Liz had been searching for legitimately years! Just as she started to feel she was hopeless, he was there, right in front of her. She just didn't know yet. Her friend, Alexia was trying to set them up, but every time Liz said no. Sure he was nice, funny, smart, and cute, but she had known him for just a few weeks. Will she fall for him, or will she give up and move on with her her life?


1. First Day Of School

 I was stumbling as my best friend, Alexia, pulled me into the school. Every thing was so new.

It was our first day of school. 'New Year. New House. New School. New Life.' I kept thinking. I was shaking as we got closer to the class room.

"Stop shaking Liz! No reason to be nervous!" She loudly whispered. 'Oh yes there is!" I thought. When we got to the class room, a man was waiting in the door way.

"Hi, I'm Mr. Johnson." He said holding his hand out.

"Hi, I'm Alexia Benson." She shook his hand with no hesitation. She looked at me with an annoyed look and resumed, "And this is my extremely shy yet stubborn friend, Lindsey, but everyone calls her Liz."

I sort of smiled then slightly waved 'hi'. We then walked into the room. The first person that caught my eye was a boy. Of course it was a boy. It was always was a boy that caught my attention.

"His name is Travis." A random girl said. I looked around before I said any thing and Alexia was already flirting with someone.

"Hi, I'm Trina." The girl said.

"Um, I'm, uh, I'm Liz." I managed.

"Well, Liz, this is my friend Jake." She pointed to a guy sitting next to her.

"Hi." He said.

"I saw you looking at Travis, or 'Blondie' as we call him. Yeah he is taken by Pricilla, or 'Princess'. And he's not worth it." Trina said. Trina was the average height of a 16 year old. She had shoulder length, strait, she also had black hair. She had thick red classes that often slipped down a little. She was also very thin.

     Jake was tall and muscular but not like captain of the football team or any thing. His hair was not to long but not too short, it was also a dark brownish color.

"So, maybe you can make friends with out me." Alexia said as she walked up to me. Then Mr. Johnson waked in.

"Okay class, take your seats." He said loudly as he sat down. Then he began to take attendance.



A/N: I know its lame, but I was tired! Also it my first story! Hope you like it!

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