The Meaning Of "Love"

Liz had been searching for legitimately years! Just as she started to feel she was hopeless, he was there, right in front of her. She just didn't know yet. Her friend, Alexia was trying to set them up, but every time Liz said no. Sure he was nice, funny, smart, and cute, but she had known him for just a few weeks. Will she fall for him, or will she give up and move on with her her life?


11. Dark And Light

Jake's P.O.V



I was walking down the hall when Pricilla grabbed my hand.

"Hey baby!" She said cheerfully.

"What the hell are you talking about? We broke up nine months ago!" I shouted. I know it might sound rude, but she annoyed the shit out of me!

"But I want you back!" She whined as she reached for my hand.

"But I don't want you!" I said as I pushed her hand away and kept walking. She hurried around me and looked over my shoulder. She smirked and started to kiss me. I pushed her off and quickly turned around. Liz was frozen for a second and then she burst into tears and ran the other way.

"Wait! Liz!" I screamed. I quickly gave Pricilla my best death stare.

"You! You knew she was there!" I yelled. She began to smile as she turned away. I started running, looking for Liz.

When I found her, Alexia and Trina were sitting in front of her.

"Get away you pig!" Alexia snapped.

"But I nee-" I tried.

"Just go." Trina said softly.


Liz's P.O.V

         I looked up and saw how sad he looked. I just wanted to hug him, but at the same time I wanted to kick him in the balls.

"You guys, can I talk to Jake, alone." I said quietly. They stood up and walked away.

"So please tell me I didn't see what I think I saw." I said in one breath.

"You didn't see what you think you saw." He said looking into my eyes.

"How do I know your not lying?!" I questioned him. He held my hands still looking into my eyes.

"Because I love you! You know I'm not lying! I know what the meaning of love is! Remember! I said that for you! I love you! Nobody else! Just you! Only you!" He cried. My heart melted. He said that he loved me!

"I'm sorry! I love you too!" I said as I pulled him in and kissed him. He smiled during the kiss. He loved me! And I love him!


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