How It's Going to Be (FINISHED!!)

You could say Aili was the new kid even though she was just returning home from a 4 year trip to a new state so her mother could attend a very prestigious vet school. Her last 4 years havent exactly been the best between heartache, users, bullies, and two faced teenagers. But when she comes home will it be different? Will she finally be the center of attention?


3. "Smooth Aili"

Aili's POV
I was surrounded by my absolute favorite boy band, and I was bawling my eyes out... smooth Aili. I felt Nialls arm sneak around my shoulder and gently pull me closer.  Eleanor cleared her throat and said,"We can all tell you are upset, love, but I think we are all very curious to what it is completely." Niall stroked my shoulder lovingly. Zayn spoke up,"That douche bag isnt going to hurt you again,"he said defensively and added,"not while we are around. Once One Direction hangs with you," Louis softly muttered 'especially like this',"you dont get rid of us, love." I wipe all of my tears from my cheeks, silently praising myself for wearing water proof eyeliner, and I started to explain to everyone the complicated, painful year long relationship I had had with Alexander.

Zayn's POV
I sat looking at the way Niall was caressing this small redheaded girl with the gorgeous eyes. She was small but had curves. It was insane the way Niall looked at her. I'd never seen him like this. He looked like he was about to cry with her. It was insane. I glanced at all the boys, noticing they were all watching Niall with the same curiosity I had. Everyone, but, Liam. Liam was watching the small red head with an intense gleam of lust. this wasnt going to be good...

Liam's POV
The small little red head girl was bawling into Niall's arms. I was envious. She was VERY pretty. She was really pale and had freckles dotting across her nose, she had amazing bright eyes, and her long curly red hair cascaded across her front. She had curves that complemented her small body.She was dressed in a blue striped v-neck with a purple undershirt that revealed a small amount of cleavage, appropriate for a church environment, and some purple skinny jeans. She was Beautiful.

Niall's POV
She finally stopped crying. I couldnt wait to hear her voice. She spoke telling us about this "Alexander" boy. She finished off with thanking us and giving a sweet smile  to each of us. Liam stood up and sat next to the petite girl I had claimed. My temper fumed as he put his hand on her knee and asking,"Whats your name, love? How old are you?" She glanced up to me as if checking if i was alright, and i noticed my grip had gotten tighter. I sighed and loosened my grip. "My name is Aili. Im 16," she answered. Harry spoke up,"Hey! That name is Irish! What does it mean again, mate??" He asked me. "It means light," she answered for me, then smiled up to me as i kissed her cheek. Liam pulled his hand away from his high spot on her thigh and twitched over to his seat and plopped down. 

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