How It's Going to Be (FINISHED!!)

You could say Aili was the new kid even though she was just returning home from a 4 year trip to a new state so her mother could attend a very prestigious vet school. Her last 4 years havent exactly been the best between heartache, users, bullies, and two faced teenagers. But when she comes home will it be different? Will she finally be the center of attention?


12. Roommates

Niall's POV
"Next stop, Aili's house," I said excitedly as i got back in the car with a bundle of pink and yellow roses. I did a quick head count. Where was El? Why were Harry and Louis holding hands?? "Um, lads," I looked at Lou and Harry,"Two questions. One: Where's El? And two: What are the two of you doing?" Harry spoke up,"Louis broke up with her to be with me." Louis lifted their intwined hands as if to say 'seee'. "Way to kill to birds with one stone, mate," Liam laughed. Harry smiled, happy with his cheeky answer. I laughed at all of them and Zayn high-fived Harry. I looked at Liam. He looked more than stressed. "What's the matter, Liam?" I leant over the arm rest so he could only hear me. He didnt reply. He only smiled and shook his head. I dont care that he had a 'thing' for her. He needed to get over it. Aili was mine. I gave a sharp nod and refocused my attention on the road. 

Aili's POV
I set the table for eight people. I was so excited! In a matter of minutes my favorite band would be in my house. This was crazy! "Do you know where the boys will be staying?" my mom asked. I shook my head 'no'. "well maybe they can stay here," she suggested casually. My jaw dropped to the floor. She wasnt serious. She couldnt be! She obviously noticed my shocked expression,"What??" She asked. "Nothing! Nothing," I tried to keep my composure. She smiled at me. "No being naughty though. I'll beat your ass if you get preg..." "Mom!" I screamed, my face growing hot. 'DING' the doorbell rang. My mom lauged,"Go get the door," and spanked me the way moms do as I walked to the door. I breathed out once, then inhaled and put on a smile and opened the door. I saw five smiling faces. "Hi!" I practically squeaked. I got an array of 'Hello's' and mocking 'Hi's' in the same voice I had, from all the boys but Niall. He walked into my house last. He handed me a bouquet of beautiful roses, wrapped is arms around me and whispered,"Hello, Beautiful." I smiled and squeezed him back. "Eh hem," My dad loudly cleared his throat," I thought Aili and Lynn were just kidding. It's great to meet you guys. I'm Aili's dad, you can call me Mr. Banders." All the boys shook his hand and told him their names. Niall was last and said,"It's very nice to meet you, sir. I am Niall Horan, and I would just like to let you know your daughter is..." "AMAZAYN!" Everyone said in unison. I giggled at the use of Zayn's name to describe me. My dad chuckled,"I can believe that." Niall came back over to me and wrapped his arm around my waist. "What's for dinner??" Harry said. I giggled and led them all toward the dining room. They all took a seat and my mom walked in with the food. "Hi Niall!" She squeaked. Niall beamed,"Hello Mrs. Banders, very nice to see you again!" The boys introduced themselves to my mom and we began eating. "So Aili never told me how you guys met her," my mom said. The boys all took turns going around the table telling parts of the story about them saving me from Alexander. My mom had her hand covering her mouth. My dad said,"Are you alright?! Why didnt you say anything? WE told you that boy was no good." I nodded my head, not wanting to answer the question about why I didnt tell them. "I think I can speak for all of us," Liam began," If we ever saw that kid again, it would not be pretty." Louis said,"Aili is very safe with us, I can assure you." My mom breathed a sigh of relief. "I'm glad you boys are looking after her," My dad said and my mom nodded in agreement. I smiled and put my hand on top of Nialls. He looked at me and smiled back. "So, how long will you guys be her and where are you going to be staying," My mom spoke. "Well, we don't really know where we will stay or for how long. It's kind of up to Nialler and how long our management allows us to stay," Liam said. "Stay with us!" my mom blurted. My eyes got wide and my face felt hot. Only my mother. "That would be great," they all said. "It wouldnt be to much trouble?" Liam asked. "Not at all!" My parents agreed. "Can we pay you rent, or for food or something? We dont want to be a burden," Zayn inquired. "Yes, rent would be fine. 50 dollars on the first of every month sound alright? It could cover food costs also," My dad said. 'Ha! You dont know Niall.' I thought. "Sounds great," Liam said. "You guys will have to double up in rooms and one of you will have to stay in Aili's room with her. I'm guessing that will be you Niall?" My dad said. I surprised he was going to let a boy stay in my room, especially a boy that was technically my boyfriend. He must like this one. "If thats alright, I'd like to," Niall said confidentially."Alrighty then. Harry and Louis?" My mom winked at me knowing I was a "Larry" shipper, they nodded and agreed to stay together while beaming. Something was different. Where was El?? I made a mental note to ask Niall later. "So Zayn and Liam, its okay with you two to stay together?" They nodded. The five boys thanked my parents and I showed them to their rooms after they grabbed their things from the car. First was Liam and Zayn, then Harry and Louis, then Niall and I. I put Harry and Louis next to my room so I would be able to hear if anything was "happening". "Home-seet-home," I said as I was opening the door. Nialls eyes went wide. I turned around and mentally slapped myself in the face. My posters plastered on all four walls in my room. Half of them only of Niall. My face flushed red as I looked back at him. "Do you kiss them?" He asked with a cheeky smile. My face got hotter and the tips of my ears burnt from embarrassment.

Niall's POV
I was waiting for her to answer my question. Her face was so red. It was very comical. I was about to press on with my question but her parents walked in. They saw her face then looked at the walls and burst into hysterical laughter. She stomped her foot and walked over to her bed and plopped down. "You need something?" She said with an annoyed tone, but I knew better, she was probably relieved they came in so she wouldnt have to answer the question. "Us four need to talk," Her dad started and I went over to where Aili was sitting and plopped down next to her as he continued,"we know you guys are "together", and we need to have an understanding about 'funny business'." I glanced at Aili who had hear face covered in her hands shaking hear head. "Here take these," Her mom handed me a pack of condoms and I realized what this was about. "Mom. We have been over this. I am waiting remember," Aili said. "Yes, well, I also remember a conversation you and I had about how Niall Horan was the only person who could change that. Remember," her mom sot back. I chuckled. "And you missy. Keep taking your birth control  pills," her dad said. "Yes sir," She answered. Her face was the color of a stop sign. "Okay goodnight you two," her parents said together. We said our goodnights to them and Aili closed the door. "Im really sorry about that,"she said tucking the condoms into a drawer beside her bed. "Its fine! At least it will be safe when it happens. You know, because I could have gotten you to change your mind about waiting and we wouldnt have prtection," I said. "Oh, Lord. You wont let me live that down will you?"She asked. "Nope!"

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