How It's Going to Be (FINISHED!!)

You could say Aili was the new kid even though she was just returning home from a 4 year trip to a new state so her mother could attend a very prestigious vet school. Her last 4 years havent exactly been the best between heartache, users, bullies, and two faced teenagers. But when she comes home will it be different? Will she finally be the center of attention?


8. On the Road

Aili's POV
Today was the day I get to leave this lousy life and maybe get over Niall. I watched my dad put boxes into the truck from inside of my car. I was listening to "When I was Your Man" by Bruno Mars. I couldnt keep my self from thinking about the amazing people who saved me... Especially the beautiful blonde boy with gorgeous eyes and an Irish accent. What was I going to do? I was going to have to figure something out... fast. I gazed out the window as we pulled out of my driveway and began the trip to my new life.

Niall's POV
I grabbed my keys and went out to my car. I put the key in the ignition and realized I was shaking. I had never been this nervous. How could a little redhead with hazel eyes make me so crazy?! This was driving me nuts. I pulled out of the parking lot  and headed to the direction of her house.

I pulled through the security gate and drove down the road to her house. When I reached the place her cars should have been, I saw that it was empty. I stopped, my brain thinking about where everyone could be. Then, it hit me. She was gone. She left today. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and scrolled through to find her number. I sent her a text, "To:Aili Boo     Love, I am so sorry. I didnt want to hurt you. Forgive me? Please?" I pulled out of her driveway and drove back to the hotel. I pulled my phone out and unlocked my phone. She answered, "From:Aili Boo    Find  me first. Show me you really are sorry." She sent. I had no idea where she could be going. But i was going to find her, and this time, I wasnt leaving her. 

Louis's POV
Niall ran into the room. Eleanor was laying on my shoulder, Harry and Liam were on the floor and Zayn was sitting on a nearby table. The look on Niall's face was one of urgency. "We have to go," he shouted as he began throwing our clothes messily into our bags. He was frantically running around as we all stared at him confused. "What are you waiting for?!?! Get up, lads!! Aren't you going to help me," He shouted turning around to face all of us. We could all see tears brimming his eyes. "Hey, woah, mate. What is the matter? Where do we have to go in such a rush?" Zayn calmly tried. Niall whipped out his phone and showed us the messages from Aili. Man, what had that girl done to him? He was a mess.I mean, I knew he liked her, but this was insane! He was asking us to search a whole state to find a girl that we had no idea was. "Do you realize  what you are asking us mate?" I asked. He glared at me and said through clenched teeth," I'll just go alone then." Eleanor looked at me with worried eyes and squeezed my hand. I didnt know what she wanted me to say to him. He was being crazy and unrealistic! I looked around at all the other boys who were looking at me like i was crazy, well all of them but Niall, who was glaring at me. Harry stood up, not breaking eye contact with me until he was infront of Niall. He grabbed Nialls shoulder and said,"we'll help you,mate,He looked at me then the other boys,"all of us." Everyone replied with 'yea's'. Niall anxiously looked at me. I nodded my head and he smiled and thanked me. 

Hey yo peeps!!! You still arent giving me any feedback!!! Am I doin good?? Bad?? Help!!!

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