How It's Going to Be (FINISHED!!)

You could say Aili was the new kid even though she was just returning home from a 4 year trip to a new state so her mother could attend a very prestigious vet school. Her last 4 years havent exactly been the best between heartache, users, bullies, and two faced teenagers. But when she comes home will it be different? Will she finally be the center of attention?


16. Meet the.... Second Family!

Aili's POV
"Yeah Liam!! That sounds good," I said after Liam had asked me if he could invite his new lady friend over to meet His second family. Apparently the two had been on quite a few dates in the past month getting to know her. All of the boys had been calling me and my family their second family. My parents loved the boys and totally supported Harry and Louis's boyfriend thing. It was sweet. We were just a big happy family! "Thanks, A! I really appreciate it, love... She might be the one," Liam exclaimed. "Dont be to quick to think that, mate. I want you to really know," Niall said as he walked up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist then kissed my cheek. I smiled and nodded ant Liam. "I'm happy for you Liam." I said. He smiled and kissed my cheek (brotherly), then ran to tell all the boys and my mother about his 'gal pal'. Niall and I both giggled. "She's coming tonight?" Niall asked. "Mhmm," I said lightly. Niall turned me around in his arms the settled his hands above my waist, careful not to push it, then puckered his lips like a duck and made smoochy sounds. I giggled and gave him a kiss. Then I slipped from his grip and grabbed his hand and started pulling him to our room,"Come on, babe!!! We gotsta get ready if we are goin to look presentable!" I exclaimed in my best country accent, and loud enough for Liam to hear. He peaked out the door," Aili, you know I love you to death, but, love, drop the accent. You are going to scare her away." Niall and I burst into hysterical giggles as Liam walked back into his room. I began again walking to our room, that was surprisingly one direction wallpaper free,(for the most part), when Niall ran up behind me and picked me up bridal style and retreated to our room.

Liam's POV
"SHE'S HERE!!!! Everyone! Everyone, places!!!! Harry and Louis were sitting atop one another, Zayn was sitting next to them, Aili was smiling and standing with Niall's arms wrapped around her waist (They almost always were like that...even when they slept...Sigh... love), and Aili's parents were laughing at me because I was freaking out. I smoothed my hair back and twisted the handle. There she was. My favorite petite girl. "Hey," she said with a smile. I was just stuck there. I couldnt do anything. "Hey, Liam! Here's an idea, let the poor girl in,"Louis sassed from behind me. I scowled back at him then looked at Amber who had a huuuge grin on her face. I stepped aside to let her in then shut the door once she was in. She looked around,"Damn..." Then she clamped her mouth shut then looked at me with a huge nervousness that she had majorly messed up. All the boys were smirking, even Mr. B. Aili and her mom were both giggling. Mrs. B (a.k.a. Mom), being her sweet self came forward and hugged her,"I'm Aili's mom, you know Niall's girlfriend, and Liam's second mother... metaphorically of course." Aili waved and gave her a quick squeeze then returned to her spot infront of Niall, then everyone else said hello and introduced themselves. Amber's cheeks were still kinda pink from her cussing incident, I laughed and stroked her cheek,"Dont be nervous, love. These people are probably the nicest I've ever met,"She smiled and I pecked her cheek.

After dinner, I drove Amber home and gave her a goodnight kiss. "....I...I love you," I said. "I love you too, Liam," she smiled then got out of the car, blew me another kiss, and said she'd see me tomorrow. What a night! Everyone loved her in the end. Thank the lord....


Niall's POV
"She was sweet," Ma said. "Ya, I really liked her," Aili chimed in. "Good. You know how overwhelming this," she gestured to us boys,"is, Aili. Help her." Aili replied,"Okay, mom. Can do. Im gonna go to bed. Love you," She called to everyone. Then started towards her room. I gave her mom a devilish glance and she laughed at me. "NIGHT," I yelled then ran and picked Aili up and threw her over my shoulder. She was giggling like crazy and so was everyone else. "RING, Aili Marie!!! RING! OR AT LEAST PROTECTION!!!" Her father called out. "DAD!!!" She screamed. "I'M SERIOUS!" He yelled back. I opened the door and threw her onto the bed laughing like crazy. I think everybody thinks we arent or at least wont be virgins after tonight, but what they dont know is that I have no intention of sleeping with her (other than innocently) until we are married. We have talked about it for hours and decided it was best. I know I can wait though. For her. She is my love. She is love. She is mine. Im...Im happy. We lay down in bed and I kiss her nose and she quickly drifts to sleep in my arms as I play with her baby curls underneath her hair. 'BING' My phone vibrated and she woke up. "I'm sorry, love," I say. "Its fine. What was it?" She asks. I pick up my phone and unlock it. It opens Liam's Twitter. "A picture??" I say as I open it. Then I see a picture of me and Aili asleep in bed next to a picture of us standing with my arms around her hips. Then under it a picture of Louis and Harry sprawled across each other sleeping then next to it a picture of then sprawled across each other sitting on the couch. "Whaa..." Aili questions. I go back to the comment and read it. It reads: 'See the difference? Didn't think so...'  Aili and I both giggled. Oh, Liam. Soon we were both fast asleep. 



Im sorry all!!! I have been so busy. Im in the middle of moving but I needed to write something!! I was aching!!!! Just a side note, The whole time I was writing this I was listening to screamo music. LLN. I though it was funny. Cause ya know I was writing about One Direction... and screamo.... You know what? Nobody asked you. Dont Judge me. Love you Bros. Like, Favorite, Comment ;)  -Bailee



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