How It's Going to Be (FINISHED!!)

You could say Aili was the new kid even though she was just returning home from a 4 year trip to a new state so her mother could attend a very prestigious vet school. Her last 4 years havent exactly been the best between heartache, users, bullies, and two faced teenagers. But when she comes home will it be different? Will she finally be the center of attention?


17. Major Complication

Louis's POV
"What are you doing here Eleanor," I questioned. "Management knows..." Harry says somberly looking to his feet. "Yep! That's right boys! Harry someone will be assigned to you also and will be here soon! I'm just so happy Lou! We will be together again! Aren't you happy?" She asks in her most fake voice. "You Bit..." Harry starts but is interrupted when a girl, I'm supposing a beard for Harry, walks in. "Ahh, Bethani! So lovely to see you," Eleanor squeals ",Harry, Bethani. Bethani, Harry." She points. "...You're Harry Styles.." Bethani whispers. Ugh. A wave of jealousy hits me. No. Harry is mine! "And you're ugly," I lie in my sassiest tone. She glances at me and kind of giggles and mumbles, loud enough for me to hear,'the Sass Masta of Doncasta." I lower my eyes to the floor and smile at her brilliant rhyme. Harry laughs as well but i shoot him an icy glare. "Come on Lou, we are gonna go get some publicity for us four,"Eleanor says annoyingly. Ugh.

Harry's POV
I grabbed for Louis as he left. He turned around and said, "I'm still yours and you're still mine, love. Just behind closed doors. Okay?" He leans in and kisses my lips. I nod my head because I know I will break down. "Come on, Louis! We dont have time for this," Eleanor screams. God, I hate that stupid Eleawhore bitch. Ugh. "So you and Louis? I knew it. wait til I tell Aili," Bethani squeaks and pulls her phone out. "Aili Banders?" I questioned. She nodded her head while typing. "Look at me," I demanded,"Who do I live with?" "A girl Niall met a year ago and loves..." She paused a moment," Why?" "Do you know who the girl is?" I asked. She shook her head 'no'. I sighed, "Aili. We live with Aili. Niall loves Aili." She drops her phone. "What a bitch!! She hasnt texted me in a year!" She squeals. "I'm so happy for her!" Ugh. I dont understand women. "Listen, Harry, I didnt come here to play fake girlfriend. I came to help. I hate that stupid Eleawhore. She is a bitch. I just want to be friends, okay? Im going to get you through this and so is everyone else." I nod because I know she really wants to help me and Lou. I am so happy and glad. We will finally be okay. 

Bethani's POV
"Okay. I'm going to help you I promise. But I need to see the Louis to my Harry only not in a gay way. And if you didnt understand what I meant. It's Aili. Take me there mofo," I direct Harry. "Snappy..." He laughs."We can't tell anyone about helping Larry. Not even Lou." I say. He gives a sharp nod as we turn int a house driveway, "Snazzy, A," I mumble. Harry walks straight in. 'Thats strange' I think. I guess they are all really close. "Home Mum!" He yells. Aili's mom peeks out, when she sees me she runs over and gives me a big bear hug. "I missed you Miss Beth!" I smile and say,"You too Mrs. B!" This is really strange.... Harry just called Aili's mom... his mom. They are all this close? This is so weird. "Aili and Niall went out to pick some things up for me at the store. They will be back soon," Mrs. Blanders says walking into the kitchen. "Oh, okay. How is Mr. B taking this? I mean with Niall living here. He probably has to sleep on the opposite end of the house," I laugh thinking about,"Where do the other boys stay?" She and Harry look at me, then to each other.  "All the boys stay here, and Aili's father loves all the boys like his own sons. He trusts Niall with his live and his daughters. They actually share Aili's room. If you were to walk in there its very apparent. Niall is really messy. But yeah, they all stay here," Mrs. B explains. Through her story my jaw drops. Thats so crazy! Mr. B would never even let a boy alone in a room with Aili. "Where's Lou? *Gasp* Did you change your "direction"?? He is probably devastated!!" Aili's mom shrieks. I slightly giggle and she flicks her gaze towards me," Why are you here?" Um, harsh? I open my mouth to explain but Harry interrupts me,"Management found up and gave Eleawhore back and sent Bethani to be my beard. But she is gonna help. Cant say how though, its a seeecreet!" Harry says with his fingers up to his lips. Mrs. B visibly loosens up. "Good. You deserve Lou and he deserves you Harry. And you WONT hurt that sweet boy," Mrs. B says. "Okay, Mum," Harry says in an annoyed tone. "Thank you, Beth," Mrs. Blanders says. 

Aili's POV
Niall runs around the car and opens my door. I giggle and step out. I go to grab some of the bags,"I got it, luv," Niall whispers in my ear from behind me. "I'm not broken, Niall, I can carry something," I say kind of annoyed. "Fine. Here," he hands me a loaf of bread then picks me up bridal style and carries me into the house. When we get there neither of us can breath because we are laughing so hard. He sits me on the kitchen counter. "Hazzzzzz! Came help with bags!!!!!" Niall yells. "Here mum," I hand her the bread. "You can hear that boy before you even get the chance to see him! Aili Marie. Why are you making them carry everything? You only got the bread? You arent crippled!" Mom yells at me. "Its not my fault! He wouldnt let me get anything," I say. My mom laughs and then nods her head, motioning behind me. I slowly turn around. "BETHANI!!!!"I scream then run and squeeze her around the waist. "Wait... Why are you here?" I ask as Niall comes and wraps his arms around my waist. She explains about management and everything and say we can devise a plan later tonight. I nod and then pry myself away from Niall then hug her once again.


P.s. Sorry Elounor shippers.... _-_



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