How It's Going to Be (FINISHED!!)

You could say Aili was the new kid even though she was just returning home from a 4 year trip to a new state so her mother could attend a very prestigious vet school. Her last 4 years havent exactly been the best between heartache, users, bullies, and two faced teenagers. But when she comes home will it be different? Will she finally be the center of attention?


2. Church

Aili's POV
I pulled my hair back and lined my eyes thickly with waterproof eye liner.
I was so excited!! I Really hoped that Chasity hadnt invited Alexander in another attempt to make me get over him. I checked my phone for the time and ran downstairs and dragged my mom to our car. She drove me down the road to the large church and i stepped out. the moment my mother pulled away though, I was dog piled with hugs. I heard crying and i notices half the people hugging me were people i either didnt know or didnt like. I looked at them and wondered what they were crying about. I glanced up and noticed the tall dark haired boy who was standing patiently waiting forhis turn. I peeled all of the people off and walked towards him. It was Alexander. I made a mental note to slap Chasity. I pulled the ring and chain he had given me as a "token of love" (what a princess he was ), I had brought it with me just in case he was here. He opened his arms to hug me and said,"Hello Beau...." I gestured for him to stop talking with my hand and grabbed his right hand to drop the ring and chain into his hand. Everyone was gone inside so we were alone. He peered down into his hand, the glared up at me. "You Bitch!" He yelled,"No one rejects me!" He raised his hand and pulled it back. He slapped my cheek and I felt the heat spread. He gripped my wrist tightly so I couldnt move. I felt the tears streaming down my face as he yanked me close to his face and whispered through clenched teeth," You are going to come inside with me and look as happy as we always do." I shook my head in protest. He brought his hand back again when I heard the heavy metal door creek open. An unfamiliar Irish accent followed by a bunch of footsteps came over to us. I was pulled under Alexander's arm as the voice spoke. "Is everything alright, love?" "She is fine," Alexander answered, "She is just sad. She is moving." His grip tightened onto me. "He didnt ask you, mate," another strange voice said that was deep with a more british accent. Alexander's posture got straighter to intimidate the people I was guessing. I had my eyes locked on the ground the whole time. One of the strangers grabbed my chin to tilt my face up. "Do not touch her." Alexander growled. I had noticed there were five males and one female by looking at their shoes. One of the more masculine pairs of shoes stepped up to Alexander. The pair of tall high heels stepped forward and grabbed my arm lightly and sweetly and softly said,"Hi, love, I know you dont really know any of us personally," she paused and I looked up curious of who exactly I didnt know personally. My eyes grew huge. It was One Direction and Eleanor, Louis' girlfriend! She continued,"But i think you would be better off coming and taking a seat with us than staying here." She nervously glanced to Alexander who was glaring at her. He had a death grip on my wrist, it was clear he wouldnt let go on his own. I looked at him with pleading eyes. The five boys stepped closer to him while Eleanor held me close, and he gave an annoyed sigh, let go, and walked inside the church. Once he was inside, I couldnt hold my emotions in anymore. I bawled. 

Niall's POV
 "Thanks alot guys!" Louis said to the crown of teens. We came to this church to help with a charity. We all ran off the stage and and walked out the side door only to see a young pretty girl around 16 being held against her will by a boy much taller than her who looked about 17 or 18. "Whats going on out here, Mate," Harry interrogated. The boy yanked the petite girl into his arms. Her eyes, never leaving the side walk. It was so strange. She didnt look fearful of the boy who had clearly slapped her pretty porcelain skin. I wanted to hear her voice. "Is everything alright, love?" I prodded. The little devil of a boy answered for her, Zayn stepping up to defend me. El stepped up to the girl, whispering things none of us could hear. I saw Louis shift and move in-between the boy and Eleanor as he watched the boys hard mean gaze. El must have said something right because the girl finally looked up and her gorgeous green-yellow-blue eyes got huge. She looked down at her hand, and for the first time, i noticed his death grip on her wrist. She pleaded to him with her eyes to release her. We all started to move in, all clearly willing to fight for the strong young girl who had just almost taken two strong hits to the face. The boy glared at us all and walked away. Only when he was out of sight, she dropped to her knees and cried. I bent down and put her arms around my neck and picked the small girl up. She whimpered when she tried to cover her face in my shoulder. I soothingly 'shhh'ed her and told her everything would be alright. We all walked over to our van and opened the back, I sat her light warm body onto the back, handed her a tissue, sat next to her and wrapped my arm around her shoulder. The boys pulled chairs out the back and El sat on Louis's lap. We patiently waited for her to calm down a bit before asking her anything.

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