How It's Going to Be (FINISHED!!)

You could say Aili was the new kid even though she was just returning home from a 4 year trip to a new state so her mother could attend a very prestigious vet school. Her last 4 years havent exactly been the best between heartache, users, bullies, and two faced teenagers. But when she comes home will it be different? Will she finally be the center of attention?


15. Amber

Liam's POV

"Zayn we have been here at the mall all day. I havent seen anyone interesting. Lets just go." I say to a relentless Zayn Malik. "Come on, mate. Have some faith! What about her? She is pretty," Zayn points to a pretty girl leaning on a railing all by herself. Zayn was right, she was really gorgeous. She was short with pretty long auburn hair. She looked up and noticed my gaze on her and she pulled out her phone and started aimlessly tapping the screen. Zayn nudged me to walk towards her so I did. Focus Liam, left foot, right foot, dont trip. That would be embarrassing. I thought to myself. Wait. What are you so nervous about? You are Liam, from One Direction. Ugh! "Ow!" I heard a girl yelp. I looked down and realized while I was mentally arguing with myself, I ran into the petite girl. I looked back at Zayn, who was laughing hysterically and gestured for me to help her up. I put my hand out to help her and she took it. "I-I'm so sorry," I stuttered. "It's fine, I'm just a cluts," she mumbled while dusting off. What now?? What was I supposed to do? "Ha-hah-h-Hi, I'm Liam," I mentally face-palmed my self for imitating Nialls impression of how I talk to girls. I guess it was accurate after all. "Amber. Nice to meet you." She smiled. I dont think she knows who I am.... What am I going to do?! At that moment I saw two little girls running at me squealing. "LIAM!" They both screamed and pushed papers at my face. I quickly signed them and gave them hugs and pointed them to Zayn. I could see how annoyed he was that I did, but I had to pay him back for laughing at me. I looked up at Amber. She had a look of amusement on her face,"What was that about?" "You dont know who I am do you?" I questioned. "I know that you are Liam and you ran into me," she giggled. "Well yes, but I am Liam Payne," I stated. "Ohhh, Liam Payne who ran into me," She giggled harder. "Do you know the band 'One Direction'?" I asked. "I've heard of them..." She said. "Well, I'm Liam, from One Direction." Her eyes got big. "OH MY GOSH! I'm so embarrassed!!!...." She paused for a second then the blood drained from her face and she turned pale,"Liam Payne was flirting with me...." she almost whispered while looking at the ground. "Yes he was, and he would like to know if he could have your number and if you'd like to go out sometime," I said and put my finger under her chin to lift her gaze to mine. She nodded and we exchanged numbers. I smiled at her then hugged her and told her I would text her soon. I turned and walked back to Zayn. He smiled at me and we headed in the direction of the car. I would always have feelings for Aili, but this girl...she had an effect on me. I haven't ever been that nervous around a girl. Now we can all be happy. I wont be upset with Niall's happiness because I will finally have my own.


Sorry for the short chapter!! The winner was Amber_Amato
I freaking love this girl cause other than one other person she is the only one who has givin me feedback. She was also the only one to enter the Liam contest. Shame, shame, shame. I still love all you Bros though. Stay Classy -Bailee x

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