How It's Going to Be (FINISHED!!)

You could say Aili was the new kid even though she was just returning home from a 4 year trip to a new state so her mother could attend a very prestigious vet school. Her last 4 years havent exactly been the best between heartache, users, bullies, and two faced teenagers. But when she comes home will it be different? Will she finally be the center of attention?


14. A new day

Liam's POV
Why was she so god damn happy with him? He was no Liam Payne! He probably didnt even know half the stuff I do. He is just too innocent. I look at him pushing her on the tire swing in the front yard. Sick. "Whats up, mate?" Zayn asks me. "How doe she like him so much?!" I blurted before I could think about it. After I said it I clamped my mouth shut. Zayn stared at me for a moment before replying," I cant answer that Liam, but thinking so hard about it wont change the way he feels. Why dont me and you go out and find a new girlfriend for you." Zayn was amazing. He is probably my best friend out of everyone. I loved all the boys as brothers but Zayn was like that big brother you always look up to. With that said, we grabbed out coats and walked out of the house.

Zayns POV
Liam was gazing out the window at Niall and Aili. I had the feeling he wasnt over his lustful crush on her. I could understand that because she was actually a VERY pretty girl, but she didnt know that and that was exactly what Liam wanted. He wanted to make a girl feel special and he thought Aili was the one. But, she was obviously happy with Niall. They looked perfect, I ship that. After Liam and I discussed getting him someone of his own, we left out the front door, let Naili (A/N hehehehh couple name!!!!) know what we were doing and left.

Nialls POV
She was beautiful like always, but looking at her swinging on the tire swing in the fall, she looked phenomenal. She had a pair of blue jeans, fuzzy boots, a long sleeve shirt a scarf and a beanie. Her pretty red hair swung around her and her porcelain skin was breath taking. I smiled at her. "What?" She asked through a smile. "You are.....gorgeous," I breathed. She smiled and pulled me close and gave me a sweet kiss on the lips. "You taste like a cupcake!" I squealed. She laughed at how feminine I sounded. I am finally happy with everything. I have no doubt I will marry her.

Harry's POV
We laid in our bed  I stroked Louis's head and kissed his forehead. "Mmmm, babe you drive me wild," Lou giggled. We were finally free...for now. Management would soon send El back and some other girl to be our beards. It didnt matter though, he was mine. Forever. I started humming our song "They Don't Know About Us", the boys wrote us that song and we both cried the first time we heard it. I ended with the lyrics, "They would just be jealous of us," and after that, Lou was fast asleep and I was left alone with my pestering thoughts.


HEY BROS!! CONTEST TIME! I need somebody to be Liam's girlfriend sooooo in the comment section Leave your name, some stuff about you and why it should be you. I will pick the best one and feature you in my story!! I Love You Bros! You are Beautiful!!!!!! -Bailee x

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