One day

This story is a short way of going across cyber bullying or just bullying it self.fight This young girl loves one direction she had all the merch a directionercould dream of, and she never stopped supporting one direction, no matter what anyone said no matter how they said it.



       (this story is from my imagination and none of it is real thank you)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     I just  started liking one direction but noone in my school does. I feel lost,left out,forgotten. I lost all my friends because i liked one direction and well i was a directioner. I'm just a small town girl 14 years old brown short hair hazelish green eyes and it's my last year of elementary. Noone likes me no matter how hard i try to explain that one direction have amazing voices and nice faces :P. They don't know how much i feel for them they say "one directions fake and gay" first off they are real and second of they are like brothas from another motha,you know what i mean.If you disagree then i'm totally fine!


  You know how people say being different is good. Well i totally agree, But when you are too different it just doesn't go right. Everyone wears Areo and Abrecombie while i wear Walmart clothes with ponys on them,maybe I just like it WHO KNOWS!One day i posted a video online for a one  one direction contest where you could win tickets backstage to a concert V.I.P oh yea.  That did not all go as I planned well it did. I uploaded it on March,4/2013 and got 600 dislikes and 4 likes. I couldn't believe it  and i had 50,000 views it was viral. So first off i was confused and second off i'm famous. So i checked my video again to make sure it was right because i must of forgot or something. But no it was perfectly fine. So i read the comments and it said "you sound like a horse" "Is this madoosa" "I think my ears are bleeding."


I was laughing,crying i don't know i felt like i was worthless. Then i realized that half off those people that wrote those mean comments used to be my friends. Then i watched my video a few more times and realized that i wasn't that great of a singer, no no they were just jealous yea. What?! just to make my self feel better and get all those mean comments off my mind i listened to one d songs. Surely it helped but not enough, the only thing that would help me is if i met one direction. I screamed shouted and quoted "why does everybody hate me" I pulled my hair i threw all my stuffed animals on the floor . My mom came upstairs after hearing all that noise.

"can i come in"

"No" i said with feirce anger

"sweetie it's alright just tell me"

"I hate everything"

 It wasn't my mom it was Harry Styles he announed you won the one direction V.I,P tickets.My jaw opened and in the back was Niall who was eating a taco,zayn who was looking in the mirror, louis who was laughing and liam just standing there. I was the happiest person alive at that moment and a lot of questions popped in to my head like







"We knew you were after watching that whole video of yours that you were a winner and i saw those nasty comments and thought that your voice was amazayn." Liam quoted



"and give a special thank you to your mom for inviting us here from theellenshow"

are you serious

i gave them all a hug and after liam was done talking Niall was done eating "some" food.

"oh Niall"

They all kissed me on the cheek and said I love you see you next week on Ellen, you just have to hear their accents in life and their dreamy eyes. I waved them goodbye and well i knew things get better.My life was complete. My dream came true. The next week or so i was the coolest kid in school i was popular i enjoyed it, the thing i was proud was i never gave my faith, I was true at heart. Everyone started liking one direction which made me feel good that i could fit in at last!


:) :) :) ;)





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