One Direction One Shots and Imagines- ON HOLD

This is just a compilation of Imagines and One Shots that I have written about the boys. I hope you likeee them! :) If you guys would like a One Shot, you will need to supply me with your name, age, looks, which boy you want and what you would like to happen! If you don't tell me what scenario you want, I will not be writing your One Shot! X


12. Zayn for Jade

My hand shook vigorously as I handed my book to Liam so he could sign it. He signed my book willingly and gave my hand a little pat, letting me know everything would be okay. I think I hyperventilated after that contact with Liam. I had always told myself that when I met the boys (not if, it was always a case of when) that I would keep calm. Not freak out. Because by freaking out, I would freak them out. I wanted to make a good first, and probably last, impression. Of course, saying something and doing something were two totally different things, and it was nearly impossible to stay calm while standing in front of the five boys who changed my life in so many great ways. 
I made my way along the table, earning a hug from Harry, a high five from Louis, and a kiss on the cheek from Niall. And after each little bit of contact, I freaked out even more. As I made my way to the end where Zayn was sitting, I felt my face go red, my breathing accelerated and I got chills all through my body. I was so close to meeting Zayn, and I just hoped nothing bad would happen and he would be whisked away from me. I had always known that I loved each and every one of the boys with everything I had, but I just felt like I would have a better connection with Zayn than any other of the boys. He was like me in so many ways. 
The girl in front of me left the table and I took a deep breath, slowly approaching Zayn. 
“Hey Zayn” I smiled at him, still nervous as hell, but starting to regain some confidence. 
“Hey love” He replied, and my heart nearly burst right there and then. 
His eyes roamed over my thin, 5'2 body, making me feel self-conscious. The feeling vanished when he smiled warmly at me. His brown eyes stared deeply into my blue ones, and I fell even more in love with him right at that moment. 
“Do you mind signing this?” I asked, handing him the book that the other boys had already signed. 
“Of course babe” He scribbled something on the first page and handed it back to me. 
“Well, I better be going” I said. 
He leaned forward, unexpectedly hugging me. I couldn't breathe; it felt so right! Letting him go was the worst feeling, though. I turned my back to leave. Opening my book, I was surprised to see Zayn had written down his number. And that was it! I was gone. Everything went black as I fell backwards, but instead of feeling the hard floor beneath me, I felt someone catch me in their arms. There was only one person I wished it was who had caught me. 
I woke up to soft lips on mine. I stared into Zayn’s eyes, smiling. He smiled back. I remembered everything that had happened, strangely enough. 
“Jade! I’m so glad you’re awake! Are you okay?” Zayn whispered. 
“Sure, apart from completely embarrassing myself in front of you...” I sighed. 
“Don’t be embarrassed. I thought it was cute” Zayn chuckled. 
He leaned over me and kissed my lips once again. It felt so amazing to be kissing him, but I pulled away after a few seconds. 
“Did I miss something?” I asked him. 
“Huh?” He seemed confused. 
“Last I remember we weren’t together” I said sadly, feeling my heart break. 
“Would you like it if we were together?” He mused. 
“Very much” I muttered back. 
“Then we will be together” 
He kissed my forehead and then my cheek. 
“I love you already” He told me passionately. 
“I love you too, boo”.

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