One Direction One Shots and Imagines- ON HOLD

This is just a compilation of Imagines and One Shots that I have written about the boys. I hope you likeee them! :) If you guys would like a One Shot, you will need to supply me with your name, age, looks, which boy you want and what you would like to happen! If you don't tell me what scenario you want, I will not be writing your One Shot! X


11. Niall for Ashlyn

“Niall, teach me how to play guitar?” I begged my boyfriend. 
“Sure Ash, let’s go up to my room” He replied, grabbing my hand and tugging me into the kitchen to grab some food before we went off to his bedroom. 
“Now you two be safe up there, all alone!” Louis called. I heard Harry chuckle, and Liam slapped Louis on the back of the head, like the sensible person he was. 
“And don’t make too much noise!” Zayn added. 
I groaned. Whenever Niall and I went off alone together, the boys always assumed we were making love! 
We sat on the bed together while Niall grabbed his guitar from his closet. He moved me so I was sitting on his lap. I held the guitar while he put his arms around me and guided my hands over the strings, giving me tips on how to make it easier. It was as if he was speaking Gibberish; I was so confused and didn’t understand a thing he said! 
In the end, I ended up just randomly plucking my fingers over the strings, experimenting with what sounded good. 
“I’ll be as good as you soon, babe!” I teased Niall. 
“Practice makes perfect!!” He replied. 
“Are you saying I’m bad?” I whispered jokingly. 
“Nooo.....” He trailed off, kissing my neck as I moaned slightly. I hopped off his lap and shoved his guitar to the other side of the bed as I layed lightly on top of Niall. He kissed my lips sweetly as I tangled my hands into his soft, messy hair. We pulled away after a while; me resting my head on his chest and him playing with my blonde hair. 
“Hey Niall?” I remembered. “How about we play a little game?” 
“Like what?” He asked curiously. 
“Just play along”. 
“As long as it involves pranking the boys, I’m in! They need a taste of their own medicine” He said enthusiastically. 
“Oh Niall! Harder!” I said, just loud enough so the boys could hear. 
Niall caught on quickly. “MMM! Oh yeah.... Right there!!!” He yelled. We laughed in whispers so the boys couldn’t hear, and kept moaning. After a while, we went back down to the boys; Niall’s hair all messed up and my clothes a little creased, just to add to the charade. 
Liam looked disgusted, like he didn’t ever think we would even think of doing that while he was here, and Louis kept on chuckling and wiggling his eyebrows. Niall and I just chuckled to ourselves, knowing one day that what just happened would be a reality, not just some silly game.

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