One Direction One Shots and Imagines- ON HOLD

This is just a compilation of Imagines and One Shots that I have written about the boys. I hope you likeee them! :) If you guys would like a One Shot, you will need to supply me with your name, age, looks, which boy you want and what you would like to happen! If you don't tell me what scenario you want, I will not be writing your One Shot! X


5. 4th January, 2013

One Shot- You hear the beeping of your phone and you hurry to answer it, heaving yourself up off the couch where you have been watching pointless soaps for the last three hours. The Caller ID shows that it is your best friend Bree calling.
"Hello?" You answer in your best sleepy voice so she will think her call has woken you up and let you go back to bed.
"Rochelle, you know you can't fool me. I know you've been up watching soaps for the last three hours" She states matter of factly.
"How did you know?" You ask, surprised. You look out the window, thinking that maybe she was secretly watching you or something.
"You're my best friend. I've known you for eight years. I know that when Zayn goes away on tour, you miss him so much and you spend your time watching soaps to try and take your mind off of him. It never works, though"She speaks into the receiver. Zayn was your boyfriend. He was and still is a close friend of Bree's, and Bree had been the one to set you too up, just like Harry had done with Louis and Eleanor. But anyway, Bree was right. Zayn had been on tour for three months and was due home next week. Those months without him had been spent in your flat, watching TV and comfort eating to try and cure the depression being away from Zayn caused you. He was the only person who could make you happy and you always dreaded the day the boys started tour, even though they were out living their dreams.
"We're going out" Bree announced, snapping you out of your reverie.
"No, Bree. I...I'm perfectly happy where I am" You told her.
"We're going out" She repeated, this time in a stern tone of voice.
"But-" You protested.
"No but's, Rochelle. Get ready, I'll pick you up in fifteen minutes" She ordered you, and hung up before you could argue further. You sighed and clicked off the TV before heading up to your room. Fifteen minutes was plenty of time, seeing as you didn't have to get all dolled up like you normally would if Zayn were here. You slipped on some shorts and a band T-Shirt and tied your hair in a messy bun. You were wearing swimmers underneath your clothes because if there was one thing other than Zayn that could cheer you up, it was a day at the beach and Bree knew it. You put on your thongs and grabbed your nice sandles just in case you were going somewhere other than the beach. You grab your sunglasses and your phone as you slip out the door, jogging down the stairs as you hear Bree honk her horn. You don't bother locking up, knowing that no one would want to break into your flat anyway. You slide into the passenger seat next to Bree and see that the car is piled high with an esky, beach balls, a cricket set and whatever else Bree had thought to bring. So you were going to the beach! You automatically cheered up at the thought and Bree smiled, happy to see you in a better mood. It was a scorching hot day, just perfect for the beach, so Bree rolls the windows down and blasts music from the radio. You don't sing along though, not yet in a good enough mood. When you arrive at the beach, it takes you three trips to unload everything from the car and you are so hot afterwards that you decide to take a quick dip while Bree lays on the sand and plays on her phone. Dripping wet after you have finished in the water, you unroll a towel on the sand and lay down, letting the hot sun dry you while also giving you a tan. You hear the sand crunch together and open your eyes to see a tall, dark boy walking toward you. He looks kind of like Zayn. No... He gets closer and you can see familiar tattoos all up his arm. It can't be him!... You remove your sunglasses and see a large quiff poking out under the snap back he is wearing. You jump up and hurry over to him while Bree looks on, smirking sheepishly. You are standing in front of the boy now, and you always knew it was Zayn, but now you can be sure that it's really him. You just stare at him in shock, taking in his perfect features before jumping into his open arms. Tears stream down your face as you realize just how much you missed him and you can hear him sniffling. The only time Zayn cries is when he says goodbye to you at the airport and when he is reunited with you after spending months apart.
"I missed you so much, babe" He tells you, breaking the silence.
"You know I missed you too" You smile as he wipes away your tears. You look back at Bree and give her a thankful smile, knowing that she had been the one to organise all this. She points over Zayn's shoulder and you follow the direction of her finger to see four silouhettes walking towards you guys. You immediately know it's the boys. You grab Zayn's hand and you both sprint over to the boys. You hug them all one by one, not letting go of Zayn's hand.
"I thought you guys weren't coming home until next week?" You ask no one in particular.
"They let us off early because Zayn was practically down on his knees begging Paul to let us come home so he could see his girlfriend" Niall replied, playfully poking Zayn in the ribs. Zayn smiles over at you and your heart flutters. You will never get used to the fact that Zayn and all his perfection is all yours. He is 50 times a better person than you are.
"Enough chit chat" Louis says, annoyed. "Let's get this party started!!" He kicks sand at Zayn's back and then bolts away as Zayn chases after him, leaving you with the other three who are watching Louis and Zayn's immature behaviour with amused expressions. You feel someone jump onto your back and then Zayn's lips are at your neck. Louis comes up behind you and sticks his foot out, causing you to fall into the sand on top of Zayn. He brushes some sand off your face and then kisses your lips while the boys start snapping photos of you guys. 

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