One Direction One Shots and Imagines- ON HOLD

This is just a compilation of Imagines and One Shots that I have written about the boys. I hope you likeee them! :) If you guys would like a One Shot, you will need to supply me with your name, age, looks, which boy you want and what you would like to happen! If you don't tell me what scenario you want, I will not be writing your One Shot! X


3. 31st December, 2012

#Imagine- Liam helping you pick out a dress to wear to your engagement party that night.

One Shot- You wake up, remembering that today is your birthday. You groan as you look at the big clock on your bedroom wall and see that it is only 8:03am. You role over and see that Harry is not lying next to you. You are just about to go back to sleep when you hear footsteps and then Harry is standing at the door holding a tray of food. Setting the tray on your nightstand, he climbs into the bed next to you, pulling the blankets back up over you both.
"Happy Birthday, baby" He whispers in your ear and plants a sweet kiss on your cheek. He helps you eat the food he made you and then hands you a small box wrapped in silver paper with a large purple bow. You slowly unwrap the present, not wanting to rip the pretty paper. You pop open the little jewellery box and gasp when you see what is inside. The light glints off a beautiful silver locket encrusted with dozens and dozens of purple diamonds that must have cost thousands. You look at Harry, tears in your eyes.
"Open it" He tells you. You carefully take the necklace out of the box and open the heart shaped locket. Inside, there is a picture of you and Harry on your one year anniversary. You flip the locket over absentmindedly and see a caption engraved into the back. YOU AND ME TOGETHER FOREVER. You launch yourself at Harry and wrap your arms tightly around him, never wanting to let go. He strokes your hair softly.
"Thankyou. Thankyou for everything. I love you, Harry" You tell him passionately.
"I love you too babe, I love you too" He replies as he draws you in for a long and passionate kiss.
"You better get ready for your other birthday present" He whispers against your lips. You pull away slowly and raise your eyebrows in confusion.
"What is it?" You ask him curiously.
"It's a surprise". He taps your nose cheekily and pushes you toward your closet. You dress in your favourite little red dress as Harry politely looks away. You pair your figure hugging dress with Harry's necklace and some black pumps. You curl your hair so it hangs down in long ringlets, and apply your makeup while Harry watches on from the bed. You walk back into your closet to get your black shoulder bag and when you come back out Harry is gone. You leave your room and head downstairs to see Harry fixing his bow tie. You see he is wearing a dressy, white button down shirt with skinny jeans and fancy shoes. You have no idea where you are headed, but if the fancy clothes are anything to go by, you assume you must be going somewhere pretty special. You notice Harry looking you up and down and begin to feel self conscious.
"Too much?" You ask worriedly.
"No, no. You look beautiful" He assures you. He takes your hand and you begin to walk to his car, but he stops just as you lock the apartment.
"What's wrong?" You wonder.
"Oh.. I...uh, just have to go to the studio and sort out a few things before we leave".
"Okay, well do you mind if I head down there and you meet me there after you finish up at the studio?" You ask him, not interested in hanging around there for too long.
"Sure. Um, just drive down to Hyde Park and there will be a table set up by the lake" He tells you nervously and kisses your forehead. He heads to his car, but stops halfway and makes his way back to where you had been watching him curiously.
"I know your phone is broken, so take mine. Call the studio's number or any of the boys if you need anything". You watch him drive away, wondering why he is suddenly noticeably nervous and distant. You get to Hyde Park and make your way down to where you can see a little table and chairs set up. There was a red table cloth draped over the table, along with lots of red candles and red petals scattered everywhere.
Great, matches my dress. You thought.
The sun was just begginning to set over the lake, creating a beautiful scene. You sit at the table for hours and hours, playing on Harry's phone as you wait for him to arrive. You have been there for three hours when you realise Harry isn't coming. He stood you up. You couldn't believe it. Tears filled your eyes and you grab your bag. You are just about to go home when you hear a loud beep, indicating Harry's phone has a new message. You debate whether or not to read it, but your curiosity gets the better of you and you pick up the phone, thinking it might be Harry. You open up the message and what it says automatically makes the tears flow from your eyes.
FROM: Courtney

Thanks for today babe, it was fun. We should do it again sometime. You are definetley getting some tonight ;) xx

The tears were flowing like waterfalls now. You... you just didn't know what to say. You slipped off your heels and ran to your car. This day had gone from good to bad in just a matter of hours. And it was all because of Harry. You jump into your car, slamming the door. You put your head in your hands and cry. And cry. And cry. You hear a knock on your window and look up to see Harry standing there. Angle pulsed through you.
"Leave, Harry. Just go!!" You scream at him, choking back more tears. He just looks at you, confused.
"What happened?" He asks you, reaching out to touch your cheek, but you slap his hand away.
"You happened! You and Courtney happened!" You spit at him.
"I don't know what you're talking about" He whispers, more confused than ever.
"Don't lie, Styles. I saw the text" You tell him.
"Babe, please. This is all just a big, silly misunderstanding. Come with me. We'll talk about this. We'll sort it out". You thinkt about his offer. It couldn't hurt. Besides, you wanted to hear his lame excuse. You followed him back down to the lake but you didn't sit at the table. Harry leaned against a tree while you stood in front of him, unable to look him in the eyes.
"Explain!" You snap at him.
"Explain what? I didn nothing to upset you" He says innocently. You almost believe him. Almost. He seemed distracted.
"Explain this text, then" You say, handing him his phone. "And explain why you stood me up".
He sighs. "I didn't want to do it like this. Courtney is a close family friend. She was with me today because she was helping me pick out something for you. And when she said that I am 'definetley getting some tonight', she meant me...and know. And... um. I was late tonight, because..... Because I was getting your ring. Yes, your engagement ring. I was going to ask you to marry me. Still am, actually". You couldn't believe what you were hearing. Your eyes went wide as he dropped to one knee and took your hand. You couldn't believe how stupid you had been.
"Rochelle. You are the most beautiful, caring, kind and funny girl I have ever met. As soon as I first laid eyes on you, I knew I had to have you. To marry you and spend the rest of my life with you. You are so strong, always laughing off the hate from fans. And I don't know how you handle having to spend months away from me, because when we're apart I miss you every second. The boys love you, my family love you, and most importantly, I love you. I know it's not always easy, our relationship. But I want you. I only want you. Forever. Marry me?". You wipe the fresh tears from your eyes and nod your head as you jump into Harry's arms. He holds you so tight and spins you around happily.
"Harry, I'm so sorry. I was so stupid! I should have believed you. I know you would never do anything to hurt me. I'm sorry" You whisper through your tears.
"Shh, it's okay. Everything is okay, baby. I love you do damn much, beautiful".
"I love you so much too, Haz". He carries you bridal style to the table and pulls out a chair as you sit down. He sits across from you and pours to glasses of champagne.
"Here's to our engagement" He toasts and you clink your glasses together.
"I love you baby" He whispers once more as you lean across the table to kiss those perfect lips of his. 

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