One Direction One Shots and Imagines- ON HOLD

This is just a compilation of Imagines and One Shots that I have written about the boys. I hope you likeee them! :) If you guys would like a One Shot, you will need to supply me with your name, age, looks, which boy you want and what you would like to happen! If you don't tell me what scenario you want, I will not be writing your One Shot! X


4. 2nd January, 2013

One Shot- You feel your scarf unwrap itself from around your neck but you can do nothing to stop it. You watch as the chilly Winter air blows it over to a bench occupied by five teenage friends who appear to be in their late teens to early 20's. As you make your way over to them to retrieve your scarf, you suddenly stop dead as you realise who they are. You know them. Sort of. It's One Direction. You are ashamed that you didn't realise it was them earlier. You are a massive fan and are torn between continuing on to get your scarf, or just walking away to avoid embarrassing yourslef in front of your idols, which is bound to happen considering the awkward person you are. They are watching you curiously, obviously wondering why some random girl is debating whether or not to approach them. You decide to just leave you scarf there, and you turn your back on them and begin to walk away. You are almost at your destination- the little coffee shop at the end of the street, when you feel a tap on your shoulder. Before you even turn around you know it is one of the boys returning your scarf to you. You turn around and sure enough, there is Liam with your scarf in hand.
"I believe this is yours, love" He says. As he hands you your scarf, his hand brushes against yours and your heart beats crazil. You can't believe your idol is actually talking to you, and while you can do nothing but stare into his warm brown eyes, you are screaming in your head.
"Thankyou Liam" You smile, trying your best to stay calm. You start to walk off but he grabs your wrist and tugs you back around so that you are facing him.
"How'd you know my name?" He asks in that charming British accent of his.
"I'm a fan" You chuckle.
"Oh, right. I sometimes forget that we have fans nearly everywhere we go" He tells you.
"Yeah. Well. it was nice meeting you Liam but I really have to go now" You say. The truth is, there is nowhere you need to be. You would love to stay here and talk to Liam all day, but you were so cold and just wanted to go to the coffee shop and sip on some nice hot chocolate.You think about asking Liam to join you, but don't want to suffer the heartbreak or embarrassment if he rejects you.
"Wait!" He says desperately. "Stay and talk to me. Just for a little while. Please?". You sigh, giving in. Besides, this was a once in a lifetime experience and you had always wanted to meet the five boys you devoted your life to.
"Okay" You say, smiling. Liam smiles in return, grabbing your arm and leading you over to an empty bench.
"Why didn't you come and get your scarf before? You lookes pretty scared, like you were deciding whether or not to come near us" He asked once you were both seated.
"Oh. Well, I figured you have enough crazy fans that mob you every other day, and I didn't want to add to that. I know you guys don't like it when fans go all fangirl on you, so I just kept my calm as best I could. I'm silently freaking out in my head though, just so you know" You admit
"You are very considerate of us" He observes.
"I don't really think of you guys as celebrities. I think of you more as friends...or boyfriends". I clapped my hand to my forehead, embarrassed at what I had just said.
Liam chuckled. "Don't be embarrassed, babe. We get that all the time" He assured me. Your heart swells as you absorb the fact that he had called you 'babe', but then again he was British and he did call every girl 'babe'.
"I'm sure you do" You mumble.
"I'm sorry, I never did catch your name" He muses.
"Oh...I'm Rochelle" You reply.
"That's a really pretty name" He exclaims as your cheeks flush red and you mumble a 'thanks'.
"Anyway, would you like to come play football with the boys and I down at the park? We need another person to make two even teams".
"Sure. But I'm Australian, if you haven't already noticed, so do you mean Soccer?" You ask him.
"Yes, I mean Soccer".
"Okay, well let's do it!" You shout enthusiastically and jump up to greet the other boys. After Liam introduces you to the others, even though you don't need any introductions, you all make your way across the road and over to the park. Liam, Niall and you were on a team, versing Zayn, Louis and Harry. They put you in goals for a while, you guess because they obviously don't think you would be very good on the field, but after a while you switch places with Liam. You were just about to quit playing and get some coffee when you saw a break in their defensive line.You boot the ball and it slips past Harry in goals, putting you in front 1-0. You run around screaming like a phsyco.
"Wow, you're really good, Rochelle" Louis complements you.
"Thanks Lou" You wink at him and go to highfive Niall. He pulls you into a hug instead, and you catch a glimpse of Liam standing in goals, watching you akwardly. You thought you saw a glint of jealousy in his eyes, but you just shrug it off.
"Next goal wins" Zayn informs everyone. By now you were back in goals, watching the boys battle each other to score the winning goal. It looked to you like they were showing off, or maybe they were just that good at the game. The ball is getting dribbled toward you, perfectly in control thanks to Lou's skilled feet. He aims for the left corner, and you dive for the ball. It connects with your wrist and you scream in pain as your hand snaps back. The boys come running and form a circle around where you were sitting awkwardly on the soft grass, clutching your hand. They all had the same look of concern plastererd on their faces, but Liam's seemed to be in a more concentrated form. He sprints over to you, screaming your name, worry radiating off every part of his body. He wraps his arms around you, careful not to bump your injured wrist.
"Are you okay, beautiful?" He whispers in your ear.
"Yeah, kind of. My wrist just hurts a bit, though". He ushers you over to a comfortable looking park bench as the boys follow, and he helps you sit down. You smile through the pain at how cute and protective he is over you.
"What's funny?" He asks you and you watch as Harry hurry's to his car to get, you assume, a first aid kit.
"You're just cute when you're worried, that's all" You say dreamily. Louis makes a gagging sound and Liam just glares at him. Harry arrives back with the first aid kit and sets it down on the bench next to you. Liam expertly examines your wrist and everytime you wince, kisses your cheek and mumbles a very sincere apology.
"It's just a sprain" He says confidently.
"How can you be so sure?" You ask him
"I took a medical course a while back. Since I'm the sensible one in the band, I thought it would be useful in case myself or one of the boys got hurt". You just nodded, not knowing what to say to that. Liam was such a sweet boy. The other boys were silently fooling around with each other now that Liam seemed to have things under control.
"So...umm. I have something to tell you" Liam said nervously while grabbing a bandage.
"Oh, not now Liam! Just fix her hand first" Harry said in a fatherly voice, obviously already knowing what Liam was going to say. You had a good idea what he was about to say, and you hoped that you would be right.
"Shut up" Liam told Harry playfully.
"Um... Yeah. Okay. So the thing is Rochelle, I really like you. I hope we can be more than friends because I like you a lot. Can I take you out for dinner tonight?". You were absolutely overjoyed by the words that had just come out of Liam's mouth. You jumped up, throwing your arms around his neck in a loving embrace, and then winced as pain shot through your newly bandaged hand. Liam stroked your hair soothingly.
"Oh Liam, I like you too. Of course I like you! How could I not? Maybe we can even go to Nandos for dinner...."You joked. Niall's head snapped up at the mention of the word Nandos.
"Definetley not!" Liam laughed.
"Nothing wrong with Nandos" Niall pouted and you all laughed together. You all stop when you get to the boys cars. Liam kisses your cheek lovingly and then gives you a quick peck on the lips while the boys coo over what a cute couple you are.
"Hey, we're not official yet" He tells everyone, but he winks at you, letting you know that you soon will be. You smile happily and pull Liam in for a long hug. 

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