One Girl in One Direction

This is a story about One Direction. Same old same old, right? Wrong. It's all the same, but there's a girl in One Direction with the boys. She wasn't there from the start, but a new addition. Listen to seventeen year old Jessica's story on being the one girl, in One Direction.


5. Surprise!


"SURPRISE! WELCOME HOME JESSICA!" I almost cry at what I see. This is the sweetest thing anyone's ever done for me. "AWW!! You guys!!! This is the best thing ever! You are just a bunch of fat-hearted cupcakes!" I say in a very fake, I'm gonna cry voice. I look at all of the people at the small party in front of me. Elizabeth Nolan, Reychel Cantello, Ed Sheeran, Danielle Peazer, and Simon Cowell are standing in front of me, wearing party hats, surrounding a cake saying "Welcome to the family!" In red letters. I walk closer to them, and drop my purse next to me. "This is so sweet! I can't believe you did this for me!" Simon walks over to me. "Well, don't just stand there! Come on!" Simon takes my hand and pulls me over to the cake. "So Jessica, what do you think so far?" Ed asks me. "How- You- I-" I take a deep breath. "It's been amazing so far." I turn around and silent scream. I sign "Crazy scared" In sign language. When I turn back around, I can see Ed knows I'm a fan. He can barely hold in his laughter. "It's not funny! This is so..." I think of a word. "New! I mean... Okay, what if, you were just an ordinary guy, no fame or anything, and then you suddenly get a call from Simon Cowell!" I gesture towards him, and he nods and chuckles a bit. "Who tells you that you are going to join one of his most successful groups, who just happen to be five very se-" I jut myself off. I think of an appropriate term, because if I use the wrong word, the boys would think I LIKE like them. "Pretty, girls." Harry comes over and squeezes my shoulders. "Wait, what were you about to say? Before pretty?" I sigh. Crap, almost, but not quite. "Nothing..."

"Oh come on Jess! It's okay! We know we're hot! Just tell us!" Niall says. "Oh god, I- I said... UGH FINE! Sexy! I said sexy! There! You happy now?! Where's my room so I can go slam the door and lock it out of embarrassment?!" Everyone laughs. I cut a piece of cake and start eating the chocolate yumminess. "Hi! I'm Elizabeth. Sorry about the boys, they just can't control themselves. At least Simon's not as bad as them." Elizabeth says. "Yeah. True. Well, anyways, I'm Jessica. 1/6 of One Direction. Kentucky native. Nice to meet you." We shake hands. We laugh and she pulls me into a hug, which I accept. "So, what are you girls talking about over here?" Reychel. "Oh nothing. Just some guy stuff." I say. I gesture over to boys and say loudly "THEY SHOULD STOP BEING SO IMMATURE SHOULDN'T THEY?!" I ask them. "YES THEY SHOULD!" Reychel says loudly. "Well, I'm Reychel. Welcome to the family babe!" She pulls me into a hug too. "Danielle. So excited to meet you sweetie!! We're all going to have so much fun! We can go shopping sometime this weekend or something. How about it girls?" She says. We all nod. Simon walks over. "Hey Si! Tell the boys I had to go. I have somewhere to go really early, so I need to get going." Danielle says. She turns to me. "Well, it was a pleasure meeting you. We'll all definetly go shopping this weekend. Okay?" I nod, and hug her. "Yeah! Sounds good! See you then sweetie!" I turn to Simon as she walks out. The boys come over. "Where'd Danielle go?" Liam asks. "She had to go. She has somewhere to go tomorrow, so she needed to get some sleep." Simon explains. They all nod. "Well, let's give you a grand tour!" Louis says. Ed and Louis grab either of my hands and start pulling me around the flat. "Bathroom!" Louis points to the bathroom on the right side of the hall. "Guest bedroom!" Ed says, pointing towards a room on the left. "Show her her room last!" Zayn says from behind us. "I was going to!" Louis exclaims, pulling me again. "Living room!!" He runs me around the coffe table and pulls me into the kitchen. "Kitchen!" Ed exclaims as we run around the island. They pull me down the hall again and they pull me into a semi messy bedroom. "Oops... forgot to cleam my room..." Louis trails off. "Oh well, let's go!" Ed says, pulling me out the door. We stop outside a closed door. "Okay, close your eyes." Niall says, putting his hands over my face. "Why? It's just another room... Right? Please tell me you didn't do anything special!!" Everyone stayed silent... Well, poop. I close my eyes and sigh. "It better not have costed more than five grand!" I say. Louis chuckles. "Twenty!" I instantly feel bad. THe door opens and I'm ushered inside. "Stop!" Harry says. I stop moving. "Okay Jessica! Open your eyes!" Elizabeth exclaims. I open my eyes and I almost faint. He spant way too much. I instantly turn around and slap his arm. "Ow! What was that for??" He asks. "You spent lots of money on me!! That's why!!" He smiles and laughs. "Well, do you at least like it?" He asks, hopeful. I sit on the black satin couch and fold my arms over my chest. "I love it." I say angrily but happily. I look around my hot pink room with white and black accents. Louis comes and wraps an arm around my shoulders. "Why did you spend so much on me? I don't like being spoiled!" I say. Louis looks at me in disbelief. "What? You don't like people showering you with anything and eveything?!" He asks. "Nope! I like to buy things myself! I am extremely independent! I never liked partnering up in school." Louis just laughs. "Because you were probably the nerd that eveyone would cheat off of." I notice we're alone now. I guess eveyone got bored. I decide to tell Louis about some... Things. "Well, yes. and Everyone at school didn't like me much..." Louis' face has a look of confusion, so I explain more. I tell him about Garrett, about how I had no friends, I even let the self harm bit slip out of my mouth. As soon as I said it, I wanted to take it back. "And I... I used to cut... Wait! Did I really say that out loud!?" I ask. Louis just takes the scarred wrist I was rubbing and pulled up the grey sleeve. The jagged, thick scars shone pink against my pale, white skin. "Why did you do this to yourself?" Louis asks. I gently tug my wrist away from him and pull down the sleeve. "I was alone, and things got bad, so, I started cutting. The pain just, left... but a more intense pain was just covering it up. My old friend Elizabeth, a different one... Not Elizabeth Nolan, helped me get through it. She was really the only friend I had, then she moved to Texas. But, we don't need to get into that. Well, let's not put a damper on my homecoming with this... Let's go have more cake!" I jump up and take Louis' hand to pull him off of the couch. He wraps an arm around my shoulders and guides me out of my new room. Before we enter the living room, I stop him. "Louis! Wait, don't tell them okay?" I say, gesturing towards everyone else. He sighs, but nods. "Okay, it'll stay between us."

"Pinky swear?" I ask him as I hold out my pinky finger. He nods. "Pinky swear." He agrees and wraps his pinky around my own. "Thanks Lou." I hug him and we walk back to the party.

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