One Girl in One Direction

This is a story about One Direction. Same old same old, right? Wrong. It's all the same, but there's a girl in One Direction with the boys. She wasn't there from the start, but a new addition. Listen to seventeen year old Jessica's story on being the one girl, in One Direction.


3. Moving Day


Okay, so it's moving day for me!!! I am so excited because I'm moving in with Louis. Since he and Zayn were the only ones without girlfriends, they just decided amongst themselves who I would live with. Yeah, I didn't think that Liam's, Niall's, and Harry's girlfriends would be too happy to find out a seventeen year old girl was moving in with her boyfriend. So, we came up with this solution instead! I grab my bags and head out the door. My mom's on my heel. We put my bags into the back and get into the car. I turn on the radio and listen to the music in silence. "I'll miss you." My mom looks over at me from the drivers side of the Dodge Journey. "Yeah. I'll miss you too mom. We can see each other again at Thanksgiving. We could all have Thanksgiving dinner together, even though the boys don't celebrate it..." We both laugh at this. "Ah, well, I bet they still like turkey." Mom replies. I turn on our duet song and I hold out my left hand. "Shall we?" I ask. "One last time, for a while?" She nods her head and takes a deep breath. She grabs my hand. 'We shall. One last time, for a while." My mom starts singing her part on the song Nothin' Better To Do by Leann Rimes. "Hung, my cotton dress on rusted wire. Up there on Penahatche bridge. Just a crazy roughneck's daughter, jumped headfirst into the water. Baptized away my siiiins! Hiitched, two time with Bobby Joe and Tommy. Couple of lookers, new best friends. We slipped in the back of Sunday service. Know them church ladies they heard us, bumsmoke money from the offeriiing!" I sing the chorus, putting the slightest bit of country twiang' into my voice. "Mama said idle hands are, devil's handywork oh, the trouble you'll get intooooo. You've got, nothin' better to do! You got nothin' better to do. You've got, nothin' better to do. You got nothin' better to do, yeaaaahh!! Oh, yeah, yeah." The song ends too quickly when we pull into the airport. I grab my ticket and my passport. Then I grab all of my luggage and drag it all inside. I get through all of the security checks and drop my bags off at the baggage thingy... whatever that is... and go to the waiting area with my carry-on and my purse. I put my headphones in my ears and listen to some One Direction. It seems so wierd, because soon, I'll be singing these songs with the boys. They announce my plane number and I go to the airplane's gate. I hand the lady my ticket as I walk past and I board the plane. I rtext m ymom one last time before shutting it off.

Me: I love you mom. Talk to you soon.

Mom: I love you too. Text me when you get to London! And send pictures!! :-D

Me: lol. I will mom. I have to go, love you! XP

Mom: Lol. okay. bye.

Me: bye

The plane takes off and I put all of my attention into my music. I get bored after a while and start to write some more fan fiction. Yeah I know, a celebrity writing fan fiction. Well, I just turned into a celeb and my fans on Movellas love me! I can't just drop them! They've been with me from the start. I'll get on my laptop, and update my movellas later.


------AFTER FLIGHT------

I stuff my notebook into my large purse and grab my carry-on. When I walk off of the plane, I look around for the boys. Dispite all of my protests, they wanted to come pick me up. I text Liam.


Liam: Lol. We're next to the baggage claim. You'll have to come up to us and get our attention because we don't know what you look like remeber???

Me: Okay, I'm on my way. I have blue eyes, shoulder length strawberry blonde hair, and I'm wearing a cream scarf with a grey shirt and skinny jeans. Not hard to ignore. I look FABULOUS!!

Liam: Okay. I'll keep a look out for you.

I walk over to the baggage claim and pick up my bags. That's strange, I don't see the boys here anywhere... Oh god, they're probably planning on scarring me... shoot. I look around cautiously and stand there for a while. I'm trying tonot be scarred, but that's hard when you have the jumpiness of a mouse. "BOO!" Arms go around my waist and I squeal. Before it goes into a full fledge scream, a hand clamps around my mouth. "Take it easy Jess, it's just us." A boy that's undoubtedly Louis says. The hand is taken off of my mouth and I sigh. "Oh god! Why?? Just why??" I turn around. Harry starts laughing like a maniac. I punch his arm. "Why the hell guys!?! What did I do to you?!?" I scream whisper. "Sorry, we-we just... Oh god that was hilarious!!" Niall gasps between laughs. "Liam!! Be sensable and get these bous under control!! I was scared senseless!" I turn to Liam, who tries to keep his composure. I have no doubt in my mind he was laughing, just like the rest of the boys. "Come-come on now guys! It's obvious Jessica is just a frigile little butterfly-y-y..." He goes into a fit of laughter. I grab my bags and start walking away. "Oh, come on Jess!" Zayn calls from behind me." Nope! I know where we live! I can call a cab!" I wave a hand behind me and keep walking. I hear running footsteps behind me and I'm swept off of my feet. Litterally. Someone grabbed me. Louis to be exact. "Louis Tomlinson! Put me down NOW!" I yell as I pound on his back. The boys all stop, dead in their tracks. I look around and watch teenage girls turn their head at the sound of Louis' name. "Oh god..." I whisper. "What have I DONE?!?" Louis sets me down before yelling, "RUN!! EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF!! SOMEONE GRAB JESSICA SHE CAN'T BE ALONE!" Liam picks me up and starts running away from the crowd of screaming teenage girls.

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