I was best friends with him. I never thought I would feel this way about him before. But when I got one good look into his eyes, I melted. He was perfect. Fabulous. AmaZayn. Everything I had ever wanted. He was Zayn.

This fanfiction is before they were famous.


1. How It Began.

  Michelle's P.O.V

          We were best friends since we were little. Zayn Malik was who I went to for school problems, and family problems. He was the hottie at our school. All the girls were head over heels for him. All except for me. He was my friend. I didn't see him like that. In my eyes he was nice, funny, and always there for me. He was the typical best friend. Although I will admit his eyes were pretty.


We only knew each other because our parents were really close in school. I've always thought it

was funny how you never completely lose contact with someone you've known all your life.

         My dad was murdered and they didn't find the killer. I was so scared, until Zayn come over and told me every thing would be ok. I was still sort of freaked out, but not as much. He was always there to tell me everything was going to be okay. That's exactly what I needed. He helped me be a stronger person. He helped me be a louder person. He showed me my true colors.

         What helped the most was the fact that he lived right next door. I could come and go as I pleased and he could do the same. Our parents didn't care. He protected me. I needed him. And he was always there.





A/N: I had previously wrote this on my iPod, but I made some major changes. And sorry it was short... I think it was short at least. 

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