I was best friends with him. I never thought I would feel this way about him before. But when I got one good look into his eyes, I melted. He was perfect. Fabulous. AmaZayn. Everything I had ever wanted. He was Zayn.

This fanfiction is before they were famous.


7. Holy...

Michelle's P.O.V


At the bus stop Zayn wanted to race... again. Obviously, I fell, and as usual, he caught me.

"Hey, do you want to come to the park with me and my sisters on Saturday?" He asked as he helped me up.

"Uh yeah, sure." So for the rest of the week I was flipping out.


         Finally Saturday came. I wore my skin tight jeans with a black long sleeve under shirt and a yellow short sleeved shirt on top. I pulled  hoodie on and slipped my converse shoes on. I pulled my hair up in pigtails and put an old baseball cap on and I ran out the door. Zayn was already at the park when I got there.

"Where are you sisters?" I asked.

"Oh, they ditched us." He said. After an hour of walking and talking, he began running from me. I chased after him. He suddenly stopped to see where I was, but I was closer than he thought. I was faster than he thought too. I ran right into him. He caught himself so we didn't fall. He didn't let go of me though. Instead he pulled me slowly closer to him, causing our lips to crash together. He didn't pull away for ten minutes or so. When he did he just stared at my eyes.

"Um, Its late I have to go." He said breaking the sweet silence. He turned and walked away. I was scared. Wait why was I scared. Holy chiz! (That's right! I said chiz). Zayn Malik just kissed me! But hat if he didn't want to. It was all a big accident... right?



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