I was best friends with him. I never thought I would feel this way about him before. But when I got one good look into his eyes, I melted. He was perfect. Fabulous. AmaZayn. Everything I had ever wanted. He was Zayn.

This fanfiction is before they were famous.


6. Follow Your Heart

Michelle's P.O.V

Zayn was at my house with his mom and sisters. They were staying over for dinner. I stayed in my

room. I knew if I went down there, it would almost be too obvious I like him.  I sat on my bed on my phone for at least an hour, until my mom knocked on my door, then just walked in before I could say any thing.

"Hey darling. Why so blue?" She said in a sweet tone. I loved talking to my mom. We were from the States, but she was from Texas, so she had an amazing southern accent.

"Oh nothing much, there is just this boy an-" She interrupted.

"Oh my gosh, there is a boy! Tell me more!" She said in a excited tone as she ran over and sat next to me.

"You want me to go get Zayn? You seem to like telling him your problems." She asked.

"No. This problem I can't tell him." I mumbled hopping she didn't hear, but she unfortunately did.

"Why cant yo- you like Zayn!" She yelled as she clapped her hands.

"Shh! Yes, I like Zayn. But I don't know what to do! I can't tell him! I know that for sure." I said.

"Hmm," She hummed as tried to look as if she were thinking, "Well, sweetie, if your heart really belongs to him, then your heart will tell you what to do." She said in a soft tone. She hugged me and then kissed my forehead, and left the room. I needed to follow my heart. My heart was telling me to tell him, but I just can't.

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