The patatos

Before the band One directon was born Niall wanted the band to be called Niall and the patatos! This shows the real story behind Niall and the patatos.


1. Harrto and louisto

It all started one day at faramchino university of scince where the boys were studying. ''Harry Styles and Louis Tomsilmen report to the pricilbles office imeatditly.'' Was annouced through the speaker twice. As harry and loius awkwardly walked to the office Niall passed by and passed harry a note. Harry eagerly  began unfolding the note when out of nowhere popped the priciple. ''oh good your here boys take a seat'' he said rapidly. He explained to the boys that they were watching the boys sing and knew they had talent. ''boys will you join one of the school band groups you could be a star!'' he said. The boys quickly exited the office and opened nialls note. ''meet me outside the cafe at 1:00 zane and laim will be there too'' it read. A few hours later the boys met at the cafe. ''As you all know the princlible wants us to join or make a school band.'' Niall explained ''As the band leader i belive we should be called niall and the patatos" He said very seriously ''Yea and will be Harrto, Louisto,Zanto,Niallto,and Laimto." Laim joked ''Yes of course laim'' Naill said not understanding it was a joke. The boys snikered and laughed as niall glared at them showing his teeth ''whoah niall take a break patato!'' laim giggled. As the bell rang the boys quickly exited the cafe giggling to their class, all but niall.

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