The patatos

Before the band One directon was born Niall wanted the band to be called Niall and the patatos! This shows the real story behind Niall and the patatos.


2. All Fellow Patatos!

The next day as the school bell rang the boys got another call to go up to the office. Harry who was quite anyonnied with this harrto thing said he would not like to be a patato but better yet a tamato. Niall said it was unexeptible and left harry with a tamatoless heart. Once the boys go to the office they had seen the amazing drum set and microphones. Who plays drum the pricible said when he noticed they all sing he trew away the drum.(How nice) Suddenly harry felt another letter slipping into his hand. It read:

Harry, Louis, Laim, and Zane meet me in the park at 3:00

if you really care about Niall and the patatos

I know i do but i need to make sure

you boys are really up to it.

Your Fellow Patato,


After a few minutes in shock the boys got back to their usal selves. At 3:00 every single patato came to the park. ''You really care!'' Naill sniffed when he saw them. ''Of course said Laim" gently nursing crying Nialls tears. After a few minutes of hugs and all the love like stuff the boy got up and walked home each with a warm feeling in their hearts.


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