The Shy Girl and The Jock

Ellie was always the shy girl who was also bullied and abused. Then in High School one boy took particular interest in her, Mike, the nicest jock there is. Will dating Mike help her come out of her shell, or will it just hurt her more?


1. Prologue


          Hi. I'm Ellie. You know, the one that sits in the back corner of your history class? Yup thats me. I'm the shy one. No one ever notices me. I only have my best friends Sammy and Allison. My dad only notices me when he wants something or I did something wrong. No, I don't do anything wrong, he notices me when something goes wrong and he wants someone to take it out on. Why do you think I'm shy? Things go wrong a lot. My mom died in a car crash when I was 13, that's what changed my dad. He used to care about me, we used to go to games together and go to the diner. I used to be outgoing. Me, my mom. and my dad were inseparable. I loved my family back then. Now I just want to get away from him.

           He started to drink. All the time. He only stops to go to work and to sleep. You see, my dad is a lawyer. We have a good amount of money. My dad uses it to bribe me keep quiet. I have a fancy car, a flat screen in my room, all the stuff you would want. I would love it if it didn't come at a price. The bruises that cover me haunt me everyday. He's careful not to hit me somewhere people can see. Mostly its on my stomach, my back, or my butt. It's been 3 years now.

          Now your probably thinking why not tell someone, why not run away? Well if I tell someone I get taken away from my dad and put into foster care. Does that sound better? Well it might be but it could also be worse. There are abusive foster families too. And run away where? I don't know where any of my family is! My dad compelety took us off the grid and now they don't know how to reach us. But one day I will find them. My aunt Sally in particular. She was my moms younger sister. Right after my mom died she was there helping me through it. She loved me unconditionally. Then she left to go home for a week to gather her stuff so she can move in with us. My dad called her and told her not to bother coming back. Then he made us move. 

         On top of all of this, I'm bullied in school. Kids push me into lockers, throw things at me, call me names. I'm numb now, though. Alli and Sammy don't know about my dad but they know about the bullying. They think the bruises on me are from that. If only they knew. I wish I could tell them but it will only get me or them hurt. They tell me to go to the principle, tell him about my bruises and the bullying and I just say what for? Whats the point? It will never stop. 

         So yes, I'm the shy girl. But can you blame me?

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