The Shy Girl and The Jock

Ellie was always the shy girl who was also bullied and abused. Then in High School one boy took particular interest in her, Mike, the nicest jock there is. Will dating Mike help her come out of her shell, or will it just hurt her more?


3. Chapter 2


               I run to the bathroom and stay there until the bell rings. As I walk out, I run straight into Sammy and Alli. “Watch where your- oh hey Ellie. Didn’t you have lunch?” Sammy asks. “Yeah I just went to the bathroom.”  I see Jared start to come over to us and pull Sammy and Alli down the hall, since we all had the next class together. “Ellie I can’t walk that fast!” Alli says but I ignore her. I stop when we get to the classroom. “Geez Ellie, I know you love art, but we won’t be doing anything until everyone gets there.” Alli laughs, but I roll my eyes. “I don’t like being in hallways.”

               Honestly, art is my escape from the world, and Alli and Sammy know that. I can just sit in my room when my dad is at work, at the bar, or passed out, and draw. I get all my anger out and my frustration towards the world. I love it, it’s my expression.

               We walk into the room and take our seats. Mrs. Nicholas comes over and sits next to me. “Hello, Ellie. I wanted to give you this flyer. I believe you deserve to be in this, so I submitted one of your pieces a few weeks ago and they accepted it. Congratulations, sweetie, you deserve it.”  I stared blankly at the piece of paper she had handed me.  It was a flyer to an art show being held in Monya Rowe Gallery, about twenty minutes away in New York City. I can’t believe she did this. I mean, I’m not mad but I’m sure she’ll be expecting me to go to the show. I can barely get out of that house to go to my own backyard!

               “Ellie, is there something wrong? What did Mrs. Nick give you?” Sammy asks. “No, I’m fine. She submitted my art piece into an art gallery in the city. It was picked, I got in.” “Wow Ellie, that’s amazing! I’m so happy for you!” Sammy says and goes and tells Alli. Both of them look more excited then I feel. “Guys calm down, you look like psychos.” Both of them come and sit on either side of me. “Why are you not excited? This could be your big break! You can be recognized.” Alli says. “Maybe I don’t want to be.”

After that, everyone else started piling in and Alli and Sammy didn’t talk about the art show anymore. They know when to stop. Mrs. Nick began and we begin an abstract art piece. I realized that Mike was in the class, but he was sitting at a different table then us. I tried not to let him notice me, but I’m fairly positive he did.

Now, the bell just rang and everyone leaves, but I stay to help clean up. This was my last class of the day, so it doesn’t matter how long I stay. Better here than at home. However, after three minutes of being oblivious, I realize Mike had stayed behind. Mrs. Nick was showing him the flyer she had given me earlier.

“You and Ellie are my only students I submitted, and both of you made it. I’m so proud of you!” I hear her say to him. “Wow, that’s amazing. Thank you so much Mrs. Nicholas.” “Aw you’re welcome Mike.” She smiles at him. “Now, both of you have to leave. A faculty meeting waits.” Mrs. Nick says with an expression that says, I just can’t wait… not. We laugh and leave. “Bye guys!” “Bye Mrs. Nick!” We both say.

“So you can speak louder than a whisper.” Mike says. “Oh, shut up. I love Mrs. Nick, why would I whisper around her?” I say. This is the longest conversation that I’ve had with someone who wasn’t Alli, Sammy, or Mrs. Nick in a long time. I know it’s sad. My dad and I don’t even talk this much. “Oh, I just wanted to let you know, I won’t hurt you.” Mike says and goes to his locker. The way he said it made me believe him, and maybe I should.

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