The Shy Girl and The Jock

Ellie was always the shy girl who was also bullied and abused. Then in High School one boy took particular interest in her, Mike, the nicest jock there is. Will dating Mike help her come out of her shell, or will it just hurt her more?


2. Chapter 1


             "Bye Dad" I whisper as I walk out the door. It's not like it matters. He's passed out on the floor again. I threw a blanket over him but I can't wake him up or try to put him on the couch without getting hurt myself. I close the door and get ready to walk to my second hell. School. Now, although this means getting bullied again, I'm kind of glad summer is over. I was trapped in my house only allowed to go to work and the store. Now I at least get to see Alli and Sammy again... it may be weird since they'll probably ask me why I couldn't hang out once this summer. Only one way I can find out. 

            When I get to school, I take a deep breath and walk in. Here it goes, I think. I walk to my locker and put all my stuff inside, except for my history book. As planned, the bell rings as soon as I'm done. I'm almost to my class when I get slammed into a locker. My binder opens and the loose-leaf paper flies everywhere. I was so close I think and start to clean my stuff up when I hear yelling.

            "You can't just do that and think its okay to walk away!" A boy with dark hair screamed at Jared, the boy who had pushed me into the lockers. "Man, why does it matter? We're just having a little fun!" Jared replies and the people with him laugh and agree. I keep cleaning up my papers, tuning out the fight. A hand on my shoulder causes me to jump.

            "Hey, I'm sorry I didn't mean to scare you. Here, let me help clean these up." The boy with the dark hair says. "Thank you." I whisper with my head down. "So I'm Mike." He says and sticks his hand out. "Ellie" I reply, shake his hand, and stand up. "Nice to meet you." I whisper and walk away. "You too." I hear him say. When I look back, he looks down, smiles, and shakes his head. Then he turned and walked away. I know I should have said something else, but I just can't get close to anyone else. They all hurt me. I mean, besides Alli and Sammy of course.

            Speaking of the devils, when I walk in to class, there are Alli and Sammy. Looks like we've got class together this year, which is a huge relief. "Oh my gosh! Hey Ellie!" They say and hug me. "Where have you been all summer!" They were much more outgoing then I was, it reminded me of how I used to be. "Just busy." I say and sit down next to them. "Well give me your schedule! I want to see what other classes we have together!" Alli says and grabs my schedule. 

            Sammy looks at me weird. "Your hair is messed up, your glasses are slightly crooked, and your binder isn't put together. It started again didn't it?" She says concerned. I look away and start to put the papers that fell out in my binder. By now Alli is listening to us. "You need to go to the principal! You can't just let them get away with this!" Alli tries to reason with me. "Let's say I do go to the principal. What are they going to do? Suspend the quarter back of their football team? They won't do it. Besides, more people will do it. It won't help anything. Just leave it." I say and the teacher walks in. We go back to sitting forward. 

             After class, I get my schedule back. Alli had put a heart around each of the classes I had with her, and Sammy and put three small stars in her boxes. The only period I didn't have with either of them was lunch. Great. Up till lunch, which is seventh period, everything had gone as expected. I was pushed a few times but nothing bad. I usually had Alli or Sammy with me, which usually helped to make people back off. 

            When I walk into lunch, I go to an empty table in the far back corner. I started to eat my food, hoping no one would notice me, which was going quite well until someone sat across from me. Without a word, Mike just starts eating his food while I stare at him in confusion. He looks up and smiles. "Yes?" He asks and I just look back down. This was so weird. 

            When I look around the lunch room, I see that I'm not the only one confused about this interaction. Several people were staring at us, including Jared and his friends who look very angry. I don't get what their deal is honestly; did I do something to them? No, I guess I should know by now that you don't have to do anything for people to decide to make your life miserable. 

            Anyway, Mike just continues eating like this isn't weird at all. "What are you doing?" I ask in a whisper and he laughs. "You know you don't have to whisper all the time." He leans in and whispers. "You do if you don't want to be noticed." I reply. He just sits back and stares at me. "Why wouldn't you want to be noticed?" "Why would you want to notice me?" 

            I go back to eating and he just stares at me. This is kind of annoying. I was doing so well today. "What?" I ask, not harshly or rudely, I just wanted to know why he was staring at me. "Nothing. Your just.... different." He says and I roll my eyes. Of course I'm different, doesn't mean he has to stare at me. "Well, I'm going to go now. Have to go to the library..." I trail off and get up. "But you didn't even finish your food." He motions to the barely touched food in front of me. "I'll take it with me." I say and start to walk out of the cafeteria, only to notice that Mike is following. 

            "Wait up!" He calls after me and I walk a little faster, head down. Of course, I trip over nothing, almost falling down a few stairs. Mike quickly comes and helps me up. "Thanks." I mumble and walk down the steps. "Why do you want to get away from me so bad?" He asks and looks a little hurt. "Because you'll just hurt me." I answer truthfully and run to the bathroom, so he can't follow me. I can't let myself get hurt by someone else.


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