With Your Love


1. Why?




   "Lauren! Where's mom?!"I asked. "She's at work." great I have to walk now. "Ughh.."I said walking out the door. I started walking and I saw Harry walk out of his house. "Hi Harry!"I said. He didn't answer. "Um okay..I guess I'm walking alone.."I said rolling my eyes. I got out my phone and texted Izzy. "Hey wanna walk with me?"I said. She answered a few seconds later. "Suree! Where r u?"She asked. "I'm on ur street."I said. I saw her walk out of her house. She ran over to me. "Hiya!"She said. "Heeeya!"I said. We laughed. "I think Harry's mad at me.."I said frowning. "Why?"She asked. "I dont reallt even know. Probably because I was with Jake all weekend."I said. "Probs.."She said. Aw I feel bad now. "I'm gonna talk to him later."I said. "Yeah you probably should."she said. We kept walking in pure silence. It was so awkward. We got to school said bye and went our seperate ways. I walked over to my locker. It was right next to Harry's. When he saw me coming he started to leave but I grabbed his hand."Wait! Harry! What's wrong?"I asked him. "You ditched me....Again.."He said. "Wait we had plans?"I asked. "Yeah."He said getting annoyed. "What were we going to do?"I asked. "You said we were gonna hang out. But I guess not."He said. "Oh my god I'm so sorry."I said. He just walked away. i sighed and left. I started walking to my first class when someone grabbed my arm. It was Jake. "Hey can I talk to you."He said. "Um sure?"I said. "I think we should breakup."He said. "What? Why?"I asked. "You spend too much time with Harry."He said. "Okay well I ditched him to hang out with you this weekend. and last weekend. and the weekend before that."I said. "But you still talk to him more than you should if your just friends."He said. "Well we were best friends for our entire lives. What else do you expect?"I asked. "Sorry."He said. I walked away and went to my class. I didn't know I can lose so many friends in one day. I really need to work things out with Harry. I got in the class room. Harry was sitting alone in the back so I sat next to him. It was the only seat left.










                            AFTER CLASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!







The bell rang and we all walked out.  I walked to my locker and put my books away. I probably looked sad because Harry kept on looking at me. "Is anything wrong?"He asked with a sympathetic look on his face. "No everythings fine."I said quietly. "You can tell me."He said. I looked at him. "I feel like a jerk for ditching you."I said. He pulled me into a hug. "See your already all over him now that your free."I heard Jake say. I rolled my eyes and looked at Harry. "What does he mean?"Harry asked. "He broke up with me. Before class."I said He hugged me tighter. "We should go to class."He said. "Yeah.''I said and we left.

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