How I Stole My Perfect Brother's Girlfriend

He's not a bad boy.

She's not a good girl.

This isn't you typical story. Drake Martin has gone through his entire life in his older brother, Jayden's, shadow.

Annabelle Brookes has gone through her teenage years trying to be perfect for her mom. Her mother wants her to be perfect like her older brother, Dylan, but she can't just do that. She has to break the rules sometimes right?

Annabelle's heart had been broken before but after two years of healing she finally decides it's time to let someone in. When she does, just three months later her heart is in pieces again so she makes sure she doesn't fall again.

But it was Jayden Martin that tore her heart out so when Drake meets her and takes an intrest things get complicated. Annabelle is just starting to befriend Drake when she finds out he is related to the one who broke her in two. What should she do? Now that she knows this news, will Drake and Anna ever be more than friends?

Read and find out


1. Outline


So I don't have the story yet but I can give you guys a outline. Here it is. And please be aware that the title was written because I usually stay in the guys point of view. 



Jayden Martin has a PERFECT life.

He's got the grades, he's got the girls, he's even got the sports. He was always the popular in school and everyone easily loved his carefree and fun persona. But no one ever paid attention to his little brother that was just not that little.

Drake Martin has a GOOD life.

He makes A's and B's and sometimes C's, He gets maybe half the girls his older brother (Jayden Martin) does, And he's the runningback on the football team. Jayden has always been better than Drake. But Drake has never minded, he got his spotlight once a week and that was good enough for him.

Annabelle Brookes has a Bad life.

Annabelle is expected to be perfect by her mother, Anna's brother is off at university so her mother's eyes have been on Anna ever since Anna's big brother, Dylan, packed his bags. Annabelle, unlike Dylan, has always hated being what her mother tries to force her to be. She had a boyfriend, but now he is gone. She had a brother, but now he's gone. She had a father, but now he's gone. So basically Annabelle has trust issues. When she finally decides to say yes to a certain Jayden Martin when he asks her out, what will happen?

Follow Drake in how he stole his Perfect Brother's Girlfriend 


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