How I Stole My Perfect Brother's Girlfriend

He's not a bad boy.

She's not a good girl.

This isn't you typical story. Drake Martin has gone through his entire life in his older brother, Jayden's, shadow.

Annabelle Brookes has gone through her teenage years trying to be perfect for her mom. Her mother wants her to be perfect like her older brother, Dylan, but she can't just do that. She has to break the rules sometimes right?

Annabelle's heart had been broken before but after two years of healing she finally decides it's time to let someone in. When she does, just three months later her heart is in pieces again so she makes sure she doesn't fall again.

But it was Jayden Martin that tore her heart out so when Drake meets her and takes an intrest things get complicated. Annabelle is just starting to befriend Drake when she finds out he is related to the one who broke her in two. What should she do? Now that she knows this news, will Drake and Anna ever be more than friends?

Read and find out


2. Introduction


My name is Annabelle Brookes; I live in Detroit, Michigan with my mom, Georgia, and my stepfather George, in a huge three story house. Weird names, right? I’m seventeen and I absolutely hate my life. Today is Thursday and I’m in my room putting in my brown contacts and pulling up my hair. 

You want to know about me? Here it is. I can’t trust anyone. Want to know why? My mom split from my dad and he didn’t even bother trying to get me to stay with him instead of her. I was a daddy’s girl. I would have picked him if he would have fought for me. But he didn’t.

I used to have a boyfriend. He was great, but he left too. Tommy was his name and I think about him every day. No, I’m not one of those girls that got hurt by a boy and turned into a whore so I wouldn’t get hurt again. I’m just the girl that nobody notices anymore.

Even my big brother, Dylan, left. He used to protect me when my mom would holler at me for tripping or not wearing the right clothes. Dylan was perfect and he left for collage and rarely ever comes home. I’ve learned that everything that is worth fighting for or that you love is taken away without you being able to give any input about it. 

I used to be popular, with my bright blue eyes and waist-length beautiful brown hair. Everyone loved me, younger kids looked up to me, but that was two years ago. After Tommy, I changed schools. I didn’t want to be noticed. So I did everything I could to make just that happen. I sat in the back of the classroom and never raised my hand or spoke unless spoken to. I wore dark brown contacts and pulled my hair into a bun at the back of my neck. I even went as far as wearing big, square nerd glasses and hoodies all the time.

To top it all off, I had a bully. Her name was Christa and she was Jayden Martin’s ex whore. Now I know I said I didn’t turn into a whore because I was hurt once but that didn’t mean I still wasn’t afraid to get my heart broken. I had dated Tommy for eight and a half years and he’s gone. I was scared. But I decided that after two years, it’s time to give life a chance again. So I decided to say yes when Jayden Martin asked me to date him. 

I didn’t know why he wanted to, but he did. So we have been dating for about two months. I was bullied by Christa, sat alone at lunch, and got yelled at by my mom while always having the feeling of being rejected by my dad. My only escape to this is music. I love it. It lets me be whoever I want and not be judged, and even though I have no musical talent whatsoever, I still like it.
Now, as I pull on my converses and my blue hoodie, I am thinking this entire thing over. I, Annabelle Brookes, am here to tell you a story with a dab of maybe everything, romance, action, despair, supernatural, and maybe even a little history. You’ll have to find that out for yourself. 


My name is Drake Martin. I live in Detroit, Michigan with my mom and big brother Jayden Martin. I’m Seventeen and my life is pretty good. Yeah, my brother is better than me than at almost everything, sports, grades, girls, and he’s a lot better with people. 

Some people might describe me as rude, disruptive, ignorant, loud, foul-mouthed, crazy, and I could go on for ages but I probably shouldn’t. My best friend is Austin Phayes. He’s crazy as hell and does weird shit when he’s drunk. 

I’m the running back on the football team and I make B’s and C’s. My family life is a little complicated, Jayden and I are only half-brothers. Same mom but not the same dad. My dad died in the army when I was seven and Jayden’s dad just disappeared. I also have a half-sister, her name is Ava and she doesn’t live with me. 

I am the lead singer in the band Tamed. It has each member of our band’s first letter in their name in the title, Tyler, Austin, Mikey, Erica, and me, Drake. Austin plays base and sings with me sometimes, Mikey the electric guitar, Tyler the piano, and Erica backup singer and she plays a little of everything.

None of the people from my school ever found out I was the lead singer of the band they listen to everyday, it’s usually really dark and they just don’t pay attention. Singing is the only thing that Jayden can’t do. He sounds like a donkey trying to sing Taylor Swift. I know from the many times I’ve heard him singing in the shower. 

Now, I’m in my room, which has plain white walls, a bed, and a chest of drawers. The only thing that is not just boring and normal is just one wall. One of my walls is green and black with a lot of shelves. 

Shelves covered the wall, and on those shelves is what I call my most prized possessions. They were hats and shoes. I had been collecting them ever since my tenth birthday when my mom had gotten me a pair of Adidas. I loved them so much that every holiday I would ask for shoes. Then three years later on my thirteenth birthday Jayden got me a snapback. If you didn’t know, a snapback is a hat. And now I would divide what I asked for into holidays. Christmas I would ask for shoes from all my family members, Birthdays I would ask for hats, and the list goes on. I picked out a flat bill snapback that was red and black and a pair of Adidas that were black with red lining. 

As you can tell, I know my facts about any kind of shoe or hat and every day I would wear a different hat and shoes. And like every story here on this site, I’m here to tell you something that might be good with a lot of bad things done in it. And this particular story isn’t like all the rest, unlike most who would have a story about good girls and bad boys; I’m here to tell you how I stole my perfect brother’s girlfriend.

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