How I Stole My Perfect Brother's Girlfriend

He's not a bad boy.

She's not a good girl.

This isn't you typical story. Drake Martin has gone through his entire life in his older brother, Jayden's, shadow.

Annabelle Brookes has gone through her teenage years trying to be perfect for her mom. Her mother wants her to be perfect like her older brother, Dylan, but she can't just do that. She has to break the rules sometimes right?

Annabelle's heart had been broken before but after two years of healing she finally decides it's time to let someone in. When she does, just three months later her heart is in pieces again so she makes sure she doesn't fall again.

But it was Jayden Martin that tore her heart out so when Drake meets her and takes an intrest things get complicated. Annabelle is just starting to befriend Drake when she finds out he is related to the one who broke her in two. What should she do? Now that she knows this news, will Drake and Anna ever be more than friends?

Read and find out


3. Chapter 1


Life and death is inevitable
A continuous cycle
In the hands
Of one maker
A god who is non-existent
Whose presence is present
In every
Birth and death
In every emotion and experience
In every being that we come in contact with
In everything that is grown and made
In the food and drinks that we consume
In the stories that we read and write
In every country
No matter what religion of goverment affilation is being preached
Or color of your skin
There will always be a god who is non-existent
Whose presense is present
Throughout the beginning and end of our existense

Please be aware that none of this is mine and I take absolutely no credit for this amazing work of @abandonmycoffin. She is great and Check out her poems I follow her so it won't be that hard to find.

Chapter One - It's Only Second Hour And I Want To Jump Off A Bridge


If you’re reading this then you decided that I was cool enough to tolerate for a little while, that or you’re a loser who sits on their computer and reads all day. But, either way you had to have read my little introduction so I can skip all that shit and get on to something more important. Like how I’m being yelled at right now. 

“Drake, are you even listening to me?” Jacquelyn asked exasperated. To tell you the truth I was happily off in my own world while she ranted about some other thing I did wrong. 

“Sorry Jackie. I’m just not up to being yelled at.” I said and flopped down on my bed and threw an arm over my eyes. 

Jacquelyn is my two week girlfriend and she is already pissing me off. When I first met her at the club I didn’t even know she went to my school. She seemed different with skin the color of coffee and dark brown hair and eyes, absolutely stunning. The next week she started talking about her nails and her hair and I just want her to shut the hell up.

“Really, so I’m just supposed to sit here while you pay more attention to your phone than you do to me?” She asked Standing over me with her arms crossed over her chest. 

She ranted a little longer and I zoned out for the most part and then I saw her walk over to my wall with my shoes and hats on it. 

I jumped out of my bed. “Oh, so now you wanna pay attention to me? Well you know what? Fuck you and your fucking shoes.”

“Jackie, don’t you fucking dare…” I warned. She took a white and blue hat with a saint’s symbol off the third shelve and threw it on the ground where she proceeded to stomp on it with her three inch heels. Motherfucker! 

“Bye bitch.” She said and walked to the door. I mumbled a few choice words at her and went to pick up my ruined hat. It had a permanent indent in the side and I knew I wouldn’t want to wear it anymore. Wow, my hat got ruined and I got broken up with and it’s not even eight in the morning.

Speaking of time…ah fuck, I’m going to be late. I grabbed my book bag and walked outside to my car. I was already going to be late, mind as well do it in style. My car was just a plain black color and it was a Hummer. Jayden probably already left for school and didn’t tell me I was going to be late, fucking bitch. I drove slow and finally arrived at my two story school that was recently upgraded. It’s a hell hole. I got out and went to my first hour. 

I could tell you how much I hate math but I don’t know enough curse words to describe it. I waltzed in like the badass I am and Austin said “Well damn, took your scrawny ass long enough to get here.” I smiled and looked at Mr. Herbert. 

“Hey teach! Did ya miss me?” I asked laughing and sat behind Austin. 

He was about my height with brown hair and brown eyes. Unlike me with my stunning self, my shaggy dark brown hair and green eyes had girls swooning almost as bad as Jayden. But not just as bad, everyone knows that girls go for the boys with the blonde hair but I got enough to satisfy my…needs. 

“Mr. Martin I would appreciate if you would show up on time for my class and Mr. Phayes that is very foul language, detention for both of you.” The teacher scolded. 

“Oh come on teach, don’t be so harsh. We were just playing around.” I tried. He just turned around and continued the lesson. 

This is going to be boring. Math passed with lots of worksheets, curse words, and more threats of two weeks in detention, but finally the bell rang for second hour. I threw my stuff in my book bag and walked out the door like a bad ass. Again.

“Drake, I don’t know if I can make it through the day.” Austin said as we walked down the hallway to our lockers. 

Austin’s locker was about four lockers down and my friend Donny had the one on my right so I was okay because he knew I needed elbow space. 

“We can’t skip every day but I promise we can skip tomorrow, I hate Fridays. We have way too many tests.” I said opening my locker. I took my phone out and looked at a text from Jayden.

Mom’s leaving for France tomorrow. Going to have a party, ask Austin for speakers and ask Donny to bring the alcohol. 

“Hey Austin, my mom’s leaving tomorrow. I need you to get those speakers from the warehouse.” I said to Austin without looking at him. 

I threw my books for English next hour in my bag and put my phone back in my locker before slamming it shut. I saw Austin nod his head so I knew he understood.

I turned to Donny and said “Hey DJ, Jayden is having a party and wants you-wait you’re not DJ. Where’s DJ?” I asked confused. 

This was definitely Donny’s locker and standing before was a girl who looked thirteen. She had a baby face that was covered by big glasses with big brown eyes underneath. She had dark brown hair that was pulled into a bun a hoodie on. That’s not Donny.

DJ was short for Donny Johnson, just to clear up anything that might have been misunderstood. Now back to what I was telling you about. “Donny asked me to trade lockers with him so he could be by his girlfriend.” The girl said, she was about 5’4 and I was about 5’9 so I was a bit taller than her and it made me look down at her when she talked. She was pretty short.

“Whatever, short stuff.” I said turning around to talk to Austin and ignore her.

I heard her mumble something and turned back around and said “What did you say?”

“I said that you’re a jerk. I’ve had a bad enough morning already and I don’t need some conceited prick to make it worse.” Wow, I just got cussed out by a 13 year old looking midget. 

“Someone has her granny panties in a bunch.” I said. 

I saw her face flame with anger and I smirked. “Bye short stuff.” I said and walked away before I got kicked in the nuts. Yeah I was a little mean but damn, no need to take out her bad morning on me. It’s not my fault.


Two hours passed and I was finally in fourth hour. Austin wasn’t with me in my last two classes but this is P.E. so he’s in this one with me. I was currently in the locker room chewing out Donny. 

“I can’t believe you traded lockers just to be by your girlfriend. You’re totally whipped but DJ I swear, you picked the worst person to trade lockers with. Now I have to see a midget every time I have to get different books.” I said shaking my head.

I took off my shirt and slipped on the shirt we were required to wear. After dressing out we had to run around the track four times so I easily did that and laid on the ground to catch my breath. Austin and Donny finished and slumped to the ground next to me. We didn’t have to do anything after that so the coach just let the people who finished do whatever. 

It’s not like we were allowed to go back in the gym so Donny, Austin and I plus a few other of my friends walked around the track just bullshitting. 

“Drake, Anna’s not that bad you just have to get used to her.” Donny said after I had been continually complaining about the midget 13 year old looking girl. 

“How am I supposed to get used to her? She blew up when all I did was call her short.” I said throwing my hands in the air. 

“She is pretty short.” Donny agreed finally. 

Harry, who had as much sense as a box of rocks, piped up. “Anna has a good sense of humor. You guys quit bagging on her.” 

“Does someone have a crush on the itty bitty midget?” I teased even though I knew he was dating someone. 

I didn’t know who but I knew he was. He didn’t bother responding and the conversation turned to a much less annoying subject. 

“You ready for the game next Friday?” Someone asked. I nodded. 

“Definitely, I am ready to beat that peppy little school already.” I said.

We had been trying to beat Whit Pine High for two years at least. They were so preppy and the quarter back was such a freaking douche bag. 

“Alright everybody, back to the locker rooms.” Coach yelled and pointed towards the gym.

We all hustled to the locker rooms and before I knew I was back at my locker putting books in and taking out my Spanish notebook. 

Donny came up to me and looked at my Spanish notebook, patted my shoulder and said “Test today, bro.” and then walked off. 

Don’t matter, Spanish was easy for me. Man, this day was going by to slow for my liking. 


You read the introduction already so I don’t need to do any of that, so let’s pick up where we left off with me putting on the big glasses I wear every day. After that I put on my hoodie and jeans and then grabbed my headphones and I pod. I put my back pack on my shoulder and turned off my light before walking out the door and down the stairs. Thank god I was only on the second floor. 

In that little introduction thing earlier, did I mention my evil step twins? Guess not, well now I am and they are quiet evil. One is named Veronica and the other is named Flynn. I bet you were expecting girl twins, right? No need to burst your bubble but Flynn is a guy and a total man-whore. Veronica is a total whore. Funny how twins work right? They both have blonde hair but Flynn has sea blue eyes and Veronica has light brown ones, they are both lookers and they don’t mind flaunting it. I may hate them but I can’t deny that they aren’t good looking.

Speak of the devil’s kids and they shall appear. “Going to school like that? Shows how much style you have.” Veronica scoffed. 

I ignored her and continued to the coffee pot. I poured a cup a set it on the counter and turned around to get a granola bar. 


The coffee cup was shattered on the floor and so was the coffee. My coffee cup. Mine. I felt my eyes well up with tears. Tommy had gotten me that for Valentine’s Day when I was ten. “Oops, my bad.” I heard Flynn say. I dropped to the ground and gathered the remains of my coffee cup. I took the spray out of the cabinet and cleaned the mess up. I ran back upstairs to put the pieces of the cup on my dresser. I would try to fix it later. 

I dried my eyes and went back down stairs. I decided to skip the coffee and just eat a granola bar. I went to the box but it was empty. I turned around to see veronica munching away on one. 

“Last one.” She smirked. My face grew hot with anger and I just turned and went for a pop tart. After I finally ate something I realized I was going to be late if I didn’t hurry. 

I ran outside and got in my bran-new baby blue convertible. I loved this car. I turned the key in the engine but it didn’t start. Why does the universe hate me? I got out the car and started walking to the bus stop. 

I waited but it never came so I started walking to school. “Hey loser, don’t get wet!” I heard Flynn call, but it was too late. I was already covered in water Flynn had thrown on me. 

“Ugh!!” I groaned and walked to Johnny’s, where I worked whenever one of the workers were sick. So I was basically an understudy. 

I walked in and looked at Paige. She was my age but she had dropped out. I was already late and I was trying to be as fast as possible. 

“Mind helping me?” I asked. She nodded and grabbed a white hoodie off the rack and pointed to where the bathroom was. 

She took my hair out of the bun and ran a brush through it and then put it back up. She gave me a towel to dry my face and hands and then told me to take off the hoodie I had on and put on the white one. I looked a lot better. “Thanks.” I mumbled. 

“Anytime girl.” She replied with a smile and then I continued walking to school.

By the time I got there I was an hour late, so I decided to wait until next hour to show up. I walked around for a while and then right before the bell rang. My back pack ripped. All my stuff fell out and onto the floor. I felt like punching someone. Vanessa found me shortly after the bell rang and pinned my bag back together with a few safety pins and helped me pick everything up. I was having a very bad day today. 

Second hour was science so I went to my locker and Donny was there. He was talking to his girlfriend, Flow. “Hey Annabelle, would you do me a huge favor?” He asked.

“What is it DJ?” I asked and put and hand on my hip. It was only second hour and I already wanted to jump off a bridge. 

“Will you switch lockers with me?” He asked hope in his eyes. 

I nodded and got my stuff out of my locker and switched with Donny. My head is going to explode. I hate people right now, I really do. I got my stuff out for my next class out of my new locker and a boy turned to me. 

“Hey DJ, Jayden’s having a party and wants you-wait you’re not DJ. Where’s DJ?” He asked dumbfounded. Come on! I thought.

“Donny asked me to trade lockers with him so he could be y his girlfriend.” I explained in a bored tone. 

This guy towered over me but I really don’t give a damn right now. I’m pissed and if one more thing happens I’m going to blow. 

“Whatever, short stuff.” He said. My face grew hot as my blood boiled. I mumbled a number of curse words at him under my breath just loud enough for him to hear.

“What did you say?” he asked.

“I said that you’re a jerk. I have had a bad enough morning and I don’t need some conceited prick to make it worse.” I said glaring at him. 

If only looks could kill. “Someone has her granny panties in a bunch. Bye Short stuff.” That moutherfudging bastard! He smirked and walked away. It took every ounce of strength I had not to beat the living day lights out of him.

I stomped off to my next class and took out my I pod and headphones. The teacher was chatting away with student teacher so she wouldn’t be teaching anything today.  

Finally the day was over and I set out to walk home. It was cold and wet outside because it rained today during school. Hopefully my bad day would give me mercy and not rain. I spoke too soon. The moment I thought that it started drizzling. Damn it to hell! 

I saw a car slow next to me. It was Jayden. Oh thank god. I quickly ran to the other side and hopped in. “Thanks.” I said. 

“Why didn’t you just ask me to drive you home?” He questioned sparing me a glance before looking back at the road.  “I couldn’t find you…” I stated truthfully.

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