The Reasons Why

Pandora couldn't take it, the pain coursing inside her and on March 4th, 2013, she committed suicide. She leaves behind a journal that explains her life, why she did what she did, so people would know that it just wasn't because.


1. Pandora's Journal

The pain that I have - no, that I had - hurt, badly. Everything everyone had done to me caused this, yet at the same time it's not they're fault. They're just one if the reasons why.

This journal contains my story, my reasons, my life.

Mom, Dad, friends, I hope my death doesn't bring you into too much grief, I would hate to cause something like that, to make you that upset. I'll miss all of you, and if you ever start to wonder then please read this because this is my story.

Also, Sam, I'll always love you. Please, don't join me for a long time and find someone else, because you deserve it, oh so much.

- Pandora
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