Time Will Tell

A girl named Alison meets Zayn Malik. She knows she likes him from the first time they meet. What will happen to them? Will she ask him out or just let him go? This is my first Fanfic so... Yeah...


8. Trip to Disney

I woke up the next morning and realized Zayn wasn't in bed. I walked into the kitchen and I saw there was breakfast on the table and I was impressed. He made breakfast for us and was still at the stove cooking without a shirt on. http://data.whicdn.com/images/47871172/565001_624639497553495_1946518549_n_large.jpg I was shocked. I never saw him cook yet and he made a wonderful breakfast. "Good morning babe" he said while putting more food on the table. "Wow Zayn I didn't know you could cook." I said with my arms folded across my chest. "Well I gotta suprise for you." He said with a grin on his face. Then he pulled a card out of his back pocket. The card said, "Happy two month anniversary Alison." Then two pieces of paper fell into my hands. They were two airplane tickets and two tickets to Disney world in Florida. "WE'RE GOING TO DISNEY?!?" I yelled happily at Zayn. "Yes babe. Just us two alone for a week." He replied. I was so happy, then, just as I turned around, Zayn picked me up, put me over his shoulder, and started walking towards the car. It was a good thing I got changed before breakfast but Zayn still had no shirt on. "Zayn what are you doing" I giggled out while banging my fists against his strong, firm back. "We're going to the airport. The plane leaves in a half hour." He replied. "But your not wearing a shirt." I said. "I got one in the car." He said. "You packed and got the suitcases in the car?" I asked "yes babe. Relax." He said. Then he opened the car door and put me in the seat. Zayn got in the car and then put his Guns And Roses shirt on. "Okay here we go, to Florida!" He yelled excitedly. The airport was only ten minutes away so we got there fast. Then it took 15 minutes to go through security. We arrived on the plane just in time. "So, you like Disney?" He asked me. "Well this is the first time I'll be going." I said. "Oh well in that case your gonna have a blast." He whispered in my ear, his hot breath hit against my skin which sent shivers down my spine. The planes engine then started up and we were on our way to Florida. For the first half hour I just listened to my music but then I got tired and fell asleep on Zayns arm. Then I just blacked out and slept for the whole rest of the flight. Then we arrived in Florida. "Alison, Alison wake up we're in Florida!" He said quietly. "Wha... What?" I said tiredly. "I said we're in Florida now come on. I can't carry you and the luggage at the same time." He said. "Ugh fine but I feel like I was hit by a truck" I said stretching. "Just hurry up." He complained dragging me through the airport. "Okay so now what." I asked while we were waiting outside of the airport for the bus. "Well we're staying at the Music Disney resort for five days and we also have a five day pass for Disney. " he said. "Okay let's do this." I said and then the bus came. We got on and I sat next to Zayn and we were on our way to the Disney resort.
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