Time Will Tell

A girl named Alison meets Zayn Malik. She knows she likes him from the first time they meet. What will happen to them? Will she ask him out or just let him go? This is my first Fanfic so... Yeah...


5. The almost perfect day

~ A Week Later ~
Things with Zayn went really well so far. It kept getting better and better. Zayn and I brought an apartment together too. Now we are going to a restaurant in the morning. I got pancakes and eggs and Zayn got waffles and French Toast. After breakfast Zayn always goes to the gym. Today I decided to go with him and work out with him. When we were there I told him about my ex boyfriend Ryan and how we met at the gym. I told him that he might be there and that he should look out but he said it would be fine. I trusted him and we started to work out. Well, mostly Zayn. I sat on the bench just about the whole time and watched him. I was amazed by his strength too. He could lift 250 pounds easily. When he was done we left but in the parking lot I saw Ryan. Before I could warn Zayn Ryan saw me and started making his way over to us. Zayn noticed him and protected me. "Hey who's the douchbag." Ryan said all cocky to Zayn looking him up and down. "I'm Alison's new boyfriend." Zayn said very boldly looking down at Ryan. "Well she's always going to be my girl." Ryan said still cocky. But that blew it. Zayn has a very short temper and he swung a hard and powerful punch at Ryan sending him on the ground. Ryan stood up and looked up at the stronger and bigger Zayn now scared. Ryan was also big and strong and has never been beat in a fight. Until now. Ryan swung a punch at Zayn but caught his fist will amazing quickness. Zayn threw another punch at Ryan and he fell down again. This time Ryan retreated and ran away. I watched this all and stood there shocked. I was Ryan's girlfriend for years and he was never beat in a fight. But then I saw Zayn take down Ryan with ease. I guess word spread because everytime he went back to the gym no one messed with him again.
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