Time Will Tell

A girl named Alison meets Zayn Malik. She knows she likes him from the first time they meet. What will happen to them? Will she ask him out or just let him go? This is my first Fanfic so... Yeah...


7. Ryan returns

I woke up very sore the next morning and still very tired. For a moment I had no idea why Zayn and I were naked. But then I suddenly remembered everything. I realized that Zayn was still sleeping do I got dressed quietly. While I was getting dressed I noticed Zayn left me "love bites" from last night. Great, and then tiptoed to the kitchen to make breakfast. I expected to see a grumpy and tired Zayn walk in the kitchen but instead a happy, shaved Zayn walked in. "Wow your pretty happy and lively today." I said impressed. "How can I not be happy after what happened last night." He replied happily. I simply shook my head and handed him the plate of waffles, eggs, and home fries. "Woah slow down Zayn! Your getting food all over the place." I said. "But I love waffles and eggs!" Zayn whined with a mouthful of food. "After breakfast I'm going to the gym again." Zayn said. "Okay I'll drop you off and then go to the store to get more food because we're running out." I said. So then I dropped Zayn off and went to target. While at target I saw Annie. "Annie hey whats up?!" I practically yelled across the store. "Alison! Hi fancy seeing you here!" She yelled back laughing. I went over to her so we wouldn't disturb any more customers. "What the fuck Alison! What happened to your neck and arms?" She hissed noticing the "love bites" Zayn left me. So I told her and she giggled the whole time. "Well besides you guys making love what else happened over the weekend." She said still giggling. "Well remember Ryan?" I asked her. "How can I forget that prick." She said sounding pissed off. "Yeah, so when I was leaving the gym with Zayn, Ryan was in the parking lot and pissed off Zayn so Zayn beat him up and chased him off." I said. "WHAT?!? RYAN NEVER LOSES FIGHTS!!! DID HE GET ZAYN AT ALL?!?" She screamed in disbelief. "No. Zayn caught all of his punches." I replied. "Woah. And here I thought Ryan was the strongest person in town. Zayn caught Ryan's punches?" She asked. "Yup. He caught it, then punched Ryan in the face again." I said. "Oh sorry Annie I gotta go!" I whined. "What! Where?" She asked. "I gotta pick up Zayn from the gym." I replied. "Can I come? I haven't seen Zayn in a week!" She whined. "Okay but hurry or we'll be late!" I warned. We went to the gym to find Zayn. He wasnt outside so we went inside to look for him. "Oh there he is. WITH RYAN!" She yelled. We watched as Zayn and Ryan met again. "What are you doing back here you douchbag." Said Ryan mocking Zayn. "I'm here everyday genius. What are you doing here. Alison hates you now." Zayn replied cooly. This time Ryan lost his temper and threw a punch at Zayn. Again, Zayn caught it and punched back. Again Ryan fell backwards. This time Ryan gave up sooner. "I know Alison will come back to me. She has to." Ryan said. Zayn punched Ryan again. Ryan was expecting this and dodged the punch. Instead Zayn punched the wall and left a hole in it. "Okay okay I'm leaving now." Ryan stuttered noticing the new hole in the wall and seeing how Zayn remained unaffected by it. "This time don't come back you little prick," Zayn yelled at the fleeing Ryan. Then Zayn saw Annie and I standing in the doorway. "Zayn are you okay?" I asked. "Yeah I'm fine but I don't know why that little cunt keeps coming back only to get beaten up again. Zayn replied still pissed off. "You just beat up the second strongest person in town... How? Wait. What? "Annie said stupidly. "I'm a fucking god." He replied joking around. We all left and Zayn and I returned home. "Zayn please stop fighting with Ryan. He's a douchbag and will continue to come back just to piss you off. I said to Zayn. "He keeps saying that your still his. I can't do that unless he disappears or learns his lesson." Zayn said. His perfect brown eyes looking directly into mine. "Fine but promise you won't get hurt". I said. He nodded his head and understood that he is my world.
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