Time Will Tell

A girl named Alison meets Zayn Malik. She knows she likes him from the first time they meet. What will happen to them? Will she ask him out or just let him go? This is my first Fanfic so... Yeah...


6. I want you to Rock Me

When we got back to the house it was around noon so we ate lunch and hung out. Then at around 5 we decided to go to the park. I don't know why he wanted to go at night but I went with him anyway. I don't know why he took me because all we did was walk around and feed the birds. But I enjoyed every second of it. Then when we got back, we decided to have a little fun. He took me into the bedroom and we strarted to undress each other. I never saw him naked before so I didn't know what to expect. I was left in my bra and panties and he was in his boxers. He walked over to me and started to kiss down my neck down to my panties. Then he took them off and started to rub my throbbing cilt. I let out frustrated moans and to tease me, he stopped. I wanted more so I returned the favor by kissing all the way from his neck and slowly went down to his toned abs then down to his torso. I rubbed his penis through the fabric of his boxers and he let out frustrated moans also. And to tease him too, I stopped, which was a big mistake. He gripped onto me and told me to take off his boxers. Because his grip was really strong on my shoulders and it hurt I took them off without hesitation. When I looked back up I was shocked to see how big his dick was. "What the fuck! Zayn how is that going to fit inside of me!" I screamed frightened of the pain it would bring me. "Babe it's fine. Somthing 11.8 inches will not kill you. But it will hurt." He said with a chuckle. That calmed me down. He took off my bra and then he was ready. "You ready babe?" He asked with a sly smile on his face. "I guess." I said worried of the pain. "Okay here we go." Then he slammed his dick in me with unexpected strength. The pain was agonizing at first but he gave me time to adjust to his size. Then when he saw that I was okay he start to pump in and out which hurt again. He went slow at first then faster and faster which made me scream his name so everyone in the building could know his name. "Z-Z-ZAYN K-K-KEEP GOING! FASTER! I grunted. Zayn picked up the pace even more. He was going so fast and hard, slamming into me hitting my gspot everytime. "I-I-IM GONNA C-C-CUM BABE!" Zayn grunted. We made love very hard and fast for what seemed to be hours. He lasted very long and was very good. Then orgasm hit both of us and he collapsed ontop of me. He pulled out and we were both out of breath. "That was amazing. How are you such a god?" I asked. "Born like that I guess." He said joking around. We didnt go to bed afterwards. At first we made out the whole time but then we talked and fell asleep.
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