Time Will Tell

A girl named Alison meets Zayn Malik. She knows she likes him from the first time they meet. What will happen to them? Will she ask him out or just let him go? This is my first Fanfic so... Yeah...


2. Horror movie

When we got inside Zayn suggested to put on his favorite movie. Paranormal Activity 4. Now I'm easily scared but love horror movies so I said yes. He put it in the DVD player and we started to watch it. I already got scared in the beginning and jumped onto Zayns lap. "Alison it's okay he's not gonna kill you." He chuckled and wrapped his strong arms around me. I felt safe and secure. As the movie went on I continued to whimper and scream which made Zayn laugh. I was pressed against his strong chest the whole time. At one time we both got scared and we hugged each other tight. Then the movie ended. After the movie we decided to lie on the couch together and talk. He still held on to me as we lied on the couch together. We talked about our favorite movies, hobbies, foods, colors, and other normal stuff. It turned out that we had a lot in common. Soon it was time for me to go home and I liked Zayn a lot. I think he liked me too because he gave me his number.
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