It Started with a locker


It started with a locker, at a school, in a city surrounded by a state. I’m not going to tell you which school or which locker because if you are the one, you’ll know. Although I will in fact, tell you the state and the city. It is in a locker in a school in the warm city of San Francisco, California.

If you’re the one you will know what to do with what’s in the locker. But, just in case you have not been informed of your duties then I will tell you a story. This story has to do with love, loss, denial, and hurt. In my opinion it is quite a good story, but you the reader, must decide for yourself if the events in this story are true and whether it is a good one or not.

My name is Alexandria Renee Tyson; you can refer to me as Alex though. I’m here to tell you a story and if you want to read about the locker with the combination of 13/23/34 then go ahead. But this story will have much more in it than just that locker…


1. Introduction


I could write
A thousand poems
Each with unique style
I could write about a heartbreak
Or even an abused child
Or even the birds and the bees
Or a spiritual willow tree
But all of them
Would not compare
To what I really see


Alexandria’s POV

Okay so you read my little prologue about the locker and you’re probably thinking I’m some scientist or something, but really, I’m just a normal seventeen year old girl. I have drama and romance issues but nothing too dramatic.

I have blonde hair to the middle of my back and big chocolate brown eyes. I go to school and make good grades. I have friends and have had a few boyfriends. I’m not popular but I’m not a loser. I’m just…average.

I have three best friends, Rocky-the badass one, Ethan-the blonde one, Margret-the quiet one, and I’m the smart one.

Rocky has black hair and blue eyes; she is a natural blonde but dies her hair because her mother told her not to. Ethan literally has blonde hair and hazel eyes; he can be inspiring and sweet when he wants to. Margret has red hair and beautiful green eyes; she sometimes seems like a cat. Margret is always so quiet so you never hear her when she approaches and her wild fiery red hair and eyes reflects those of a cat. I just consider the thought of Margret being a cat absurd and blame it on my heightened senses.

I have always thought I could hear more and see better than other people, but I never really knew. I could hear the highway from my bedroom window and see much farther than anyone else. And sometimes I could just sense where people were. It never made any sense, but like I do with all other absurd things, I put them in a drawer in my messed up brain and locked it.

Anyway, my ultimate best friend is Ethan; He’s my British best friend. BBF. He transferred in first grade and everyone thought his accent was weird. I left the matter alone until I saw Ethan getting picked on by the second graders who thought they were the boss of everything until the third graders showed up and so on. I decided that it was mean to pick on people and took the jello my babysitter had packed for me for lunch and dumped it on the guy that was picking on him the most. Ethan then made me a pact.

The pact stated that we were going to defend each other and never ever stop being best friends even if it was a deadly situation. We did a special handshake and that was that, we had been inseparable ever since.

I live with my mom and dad and my kid brother, Aiden. We live in a two story house in Detroit. My mother and father are always away for work; they owned companies all over the world and had to make sure they were doing well. My little brother is about ten and we are actually very good siblings since I basically raised him. Aiden respects me and my privacy and in return I let him get away with things when

Mom and dad are gone.

Right now, my current boyfriend’s name is Keith. He has brown hair and brown eyes and is the sweetest guy I’ve ever met. Now I’m not saying I love him, I’m just saying he’s sweet. We have been dating for roughly a week now.  I also have a dog; his name is Robber because when he first came into the house and started making so much noise I thought he was a robber. I first got him for my birthday when I was thirteen so he is about four and still as playful as ever. He’s a German shepherd.

As of right now, I am sitting in a tree that is right outside my window. When I first climbed this tree I was about seven, I found this special place on a huge branch. It was an oak tree so you can guess how big it is. The spot was a little near the top and if I fell I would probably break my arm but not my neck, so it’s safe…I guess. I’m writing in my book of stories.

I like to write, it helps me let off steam. I have to say I am pretty good but I’m too scared to show anyone. It’s just short stories that are about two pages long so no biggie. I’m a very simple girl, I don’t like fights and I try to help whenever someone needs me. I am incredibly loyal and trustworthy and in my book, everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Some people say I’m too nice and that I’m going to get my heart broken, but I haven’t been hurt so why stop trying to find love. Life is short. Live it while you’re still young.  

???? POV

I can’t run forever. I have to hide it. Where though? A mall? Teenagers go there right? No…that’s it! A school. I can put it in a locker. Teenagers are in school and so is Alex, I can put it in a locker than put a charm on it to keep them from finding it. They have no right to take it. It’s Alex’s prophecy, not theirs. Her destiny, not theirs.

I zapped to the school and put the thing that holds our future in a locker; I doused the locker in a protective charm and got out of there as quickly as possible. Now they couldn’t track me, I was safe. For now.

Now it’s time to help Alexandria as much as I can for however long it takes her to realize her destiny. But she better do it fast, it won’t take long for them to find out where it is.

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