It Started with a locker


It started with a locker, at a school, in a city surrounded by a state. I’m not going to tell you which school or which locker because if you are the one, you’ll know. Although I will in fact, tell you the state and the city. It is in a locker in a school in the warm city of San Francisco, California.

If you’re the one you will know what to do with what’s in the locker. But, just in case you have not been informed of your duties then I will tell you a story. This story has to do with love, loss, denial, and hurt. In my opinion it is quite a good story, but you the reader, must decide for yourself if the events in this story are true and whether it is a good one or not.

My name is Alexandria Renee Tyson; you can refer to me as Alex though. I’m here to tell you a story and if you want to read about the locker with the combination of 13/23/34 then go ahead. But this story will have much more in it than just that locker…


3. Chapter 3

Every day I ask
How could it be,
That someone like you
Could fall for someone like me

Holding your hand
Looking in your eyes,
First time I notice,
They’re as blue as the skies

Not one for love,
Before I met you
But you stole my heart
So I’ll steal yours too

I come to you
With my heart on my sleeve
Isn’t it amazing
What love can achieve

I love you
That’s all I know
You say you feel the same
So let’s take it slow

Standing here,
With your lips on mine
loving the moment
Feeling tingles up my spine

Without you,
I’m broken in half
My world is shattered,
Without your laugh

Every day I ask
How could it be
That someone like you
Could fall for someone like me?

As always, none of this poem is mine. It goes to the wonderful poem writer @littlestarcrossed. Check her out! J
The best damn thing by avril lavigne
Chapter Two


Song – So what By P!nk

“I don’t want to Luke!” I screamed at him. His face flared with anger.

“When did I become Luke? I am still your father!” He roared back at me.

“I don’t want to watch some girl I don’t know! Don’t you think I’ve been through enough? What about Lily? What if she has to go through this?!” I said angrily throwing my hands around.

“If everything goes as planned she won’t have to go through anything and she won’t even know about this. But you have to do your part to make sure that happens. I can’t do it all. I’m not young anymore.” He said calming down.

I heard a shuffle and looked at the doorway. There was Lily standing there looking afraid. She looked so much like mom. She ran away towards her room. Luke started to go after her but I held my hand up and went to her room.

I knocked softly “Lily…can I come in?” I asked in a soft voice. She opened the door and walked away. That meant I could come in. I walked in and closed the door behind me.

“I sorry Lil, we were just mad. I didn’t mean to scream.” I said knowing I scared her. She didn’t answer.

“You look so much like mom.” It slipped out of my mouth and I didn’t mean to say it but it seemed to make her happy.

“Really?” She said looking in the mirror. I knew she couldn’t remember mom much, since she died so many years ago. She went ran her fingers through her hair. I nodded and got up. I went over to her and placed my hand on the top of her head.

“Really.” I replied. Lily turned around and hugged me and I kissed her cheek goodnight. I turned the light out before walking out and back into the living room where my dad was standing in the same spot as he was when I left.

“Alright, I’ll do it. But I’m not going to like it.” I said pointing at him. He smiled brightly but I knew he was still upset about me calling him Luke.

“Alright, thanks Reece. I couldn’t do this without you.” He said. I waved him off and went to my new room.

I didn’t want to move. I was happy where I was; now I have to live in this dump and go to a dumb school where I don’t know anyone. Great, note my sarcasm. I walked in and looked at all the boxes. It’s only six at night and all I want to do is go to sleep.

I groaned and started unpacking. I hung up posters and put up all of my clothes. I hung blue lights around the walls and put a lamp in this shitty room. I took out the bulb and replaced it with a homemade red light.

Well at least my room will look a little like home. I turned off the ceiling light and sat on the bed. It was dark so this would work out perfectly. I took my finger and drew in the air. Bright light shined where I traced. And I started drawing Isabelle’s name. When I was done her face popped up at what she was doing right now.

She was sitting on her bed, staring at a picture of us. I sighed and waved it away. Looking at her would not help at all. Damn universe. I took out my headphones and listened to music until I fell asleep.

I woke around ten in the morning. I yawned and ruffled my hair. I had fallen asleep in jeans so I changed and put on fresh clothes. I left my hair as it is and walked out. Dad was gone doing whatever, probably buying food or something.

I went into the kitchen and looked through the boxes until I found cereal. Lily then walked out in her pajamas, I laughed. They had kittens all over them and the background was hot pink. She was such a girl.

“Don’t you laugh at me, butt head.” Lily said walking in and sitting at the table. All the furniture was moved in but we had to unpack everything else because Luke said we had to act like a normal family this time.

“Shut up squirt. I haven’t been called butt head since I was in third grade.” I stated pointing at myself. She laughed.

I laughed too. “Want some cereal, shorty.”

“I’m not short, you’re just freakishly tall and yes, cinnamon toast crunch please.” She said poking me in the arm.

“Whatever, I’m only six feet one inch.” I scoffed pouring cereal into two bowels after digging them out of a box.  I sat down and started eating with her.

“I’m going to meet a boy today.” My defensive side kicked in after she said that.

“Who is it?” I asked

“Aiden.” Lily said.

“How are you going to meet him?” O questioned my eyebrows scrunched together.

“They’re coming over.” She said with cereal in her mouth. Real attractive sis.

“How old is he?”

“He’s ten turning eleven in august.” She said like she knew everything.

“Why are we going to his house? Who are his parents?” I asked.

“His parents are away on business but we are having dinner at seven tonight with him and his sister, Alex.” She said finishing her cereal and going to her room. I finished mine too and went to the bathroom to shower.

I stared at myself in the mirror. I needed to get a haircut. No, you know what? Screw Luke, I’m not going to cut my hair. Luke wanted to move to this dump, I’m going to be such a jerk he’ll want to move back home.

I changed and went into the living room. Luke was there with Lily watching T.V. I sat next to Lily until an idea comes to my mind.

I get up and walk to the door. “Where are you going?” I hear Luke ask.

“Out.” I reply vaguely and get in my car. It’s a simple black Civic with the windows tinted to where you can’t see inside of them.


I get home around six that night after my activities. Got to make friends somehow, right? I walk up the steps and through the door to find Luke at the kitchen table figuring out the bills.

“Where have you been?” He says without looking up.

“Making friends like you told me to on the first day we moved to this hell hole.” I said politely.

Luke looked up from his paper and gasped. “Reece! What the hell is on your face?”

I smiled at him and replied “A lip ring, father. I know you’re old but I though you would at least know what that is.” He looks outraged.

“Reece, we are hosting a dinner in an hour. Take that out and set the table.” He says before going to the kitchen door.

“Do you really want me to have a hole in my face the day we meet the neighbors?” I say the last part sarcastically and do as he said. I notice the boxes are unpacked and there is chicken roasting in the oven.

After I’m done setting the table I go into Lily’s room. While I was table-setting Luke told me to dress nicely and to tell Lily to also. I went into her room and she was sitting on her bed watching Charmed, an old T.V. show about witches that Lily is absolutely in love with.

She ignores me and continues to watch the show while I search through her closet. I pull out a baby blue dress that goes to right above her knees with a black belt that goes in the middle of the dress and black ballet flats. (Outfit on the side)

I throw it at her and tell her to put it on before going to my room and changing into a blue button up shirt with a tie and white shorts and blue shoes. I add a leather jacket so I don’t look like a nerd. (Outfit on the side)

I go into the living room and wait until I hear Luke come out of his room. He has on a button up shirt and khaki pants with a tie. He goes into the kitchen to get everything ready. He then comes back out and looks at me warningly.

“You will be respectful and polite. If you offend them in any way I’m going to take everything that could ever entertain you out of your room and then ground you to it for a month. Understood?” He says pointing at me.

I put a sickly sweet smile on my face and nod; he looks at me suspiciously and walks away. I get up and ruffle my hair, my lip hurts but I ignore it. I go into Lily’s room to see her putting on a charm bracelet mom gave her when she was little. She had her hair flowing down to her mid-back and sparkly earrings in.

I tell her to come into the living room and we sit down until we hear the doorbell ring. I get up and Lily and I walk to the door where we see Luke waiting to open the door. When he opens it I can’t see who’s behind it, probably some stuck up parents.

I hear Luke say, “Hello Alex, this is my daughter Lily and my son Reece.” He backs up so they can see us but I avoid looking at them.

“This is Aiden.” The girl, Alex, says. Luke lets them come in and I get a look at them. Alex is wearing a black ruffle dress with blue ruffle heals and a blue scarf. She also has in blue dangle earrings. Aiden is wearing a white button up shirt with a black shirt under and blue jeans.

We sit and we begin dinner or to me, torture. 

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