It Started with a locker


It started with a locker, at a school, in a city surrounded by a state. I’m not going to tell you which school or which locker because if you are the one, you’ll know. Although I will in fact, tell you the state and the city. It is in a locker in a school in the warm city of San Francisco, California.

If you’re the one you will know what to do with what’s in the locker. But, just in case you have not been informed of your duties then I will tell you a story. This story has to do with love, loss, denial, and hurt. In my opinion it is quite a good story, but you the reader, must decide for yourself if the events in this story are true and whether it is a good one or not.

My name is Alexandria Renee Tyson; you can refer to me as Alex though. I’m here to tell you a story and if you want to read about the locker with the combination of 13/23/34 then go ahead. But this story will have much more in it than just that locker…


2. Chapter 1

Would you stand by me
Would you hold my hand
When I am under attack

When you day forever do you mean it
With your heart
Do you mean that no one
Could pull us two apart

Will you take me in your arms when my tears are flowing free
Even when the reason why
You can’t even see

Will you every day come and kiss my cheek
Sing when I am strong
Love when I am weak

I’ll not be young forever, My hair will soon turn gray
But I’ll still love you then
As much as I do today…

By the awesome poem writer @melanieheartspoetry. None of this poem is mine and I take no credit for it. Check her out to get a good read!

Chapter one

Song – Who knows by Avril lavigne

He fought through the vicious warriors of King George. They tore at his skin with their sharpened blade, armor crashing, swords clanging, shouts of anger, and howls of agony. He was going to find his bride and take her back to her father where he would then gain the father’s blessing and marry his beautiful Rosaline.

He could see her flowing blonde hair as the guards whisked her away from him. Her eyes met his and she sent him a final message. GO! She ordered with her eyes, but he couldn’t. His heart was forever hers and Jameson could never leave her to the fury of the murderous king. He got a sudden boost of adrenaline and pounded through the crowd of killers with his silvery snake-like sword. Slashing at everything that moved.

But, little did Jameson know, Rosaline was making her way to him after she had escaped her guards. Her tattered dress flowing behind her graceful moves. Oh, how he loved her. Then as he slashed his sword one more time it cut across her smooth milky white skin. She fell, His heart jumped out of his chest as he reached down to his beloved.

“Alex! Breakfast time!” Aiden called from the living room. I looked at her watch, 6:20. I closed my writing book and swung back into my room and slammed the window shut. I shoved the book in my bag and raced down the stairs.

If you didn’t notice, I was working on my latest short story. When I got down the stairs Aiden was just walking in the kitchen. “Pancakes?” I asked.

“Yep. Mix?” Aiden asked referring to the pancake mix.

I nodded and got a pan out of the cabinet. We were always like this; we knew each other so well we didn’t even need to say full sentences to know what the other was talking about.

“Juice?” I asked flipping a pancake as we ran around the kitchen.

He nodded and set the blueberries on the counter next to the pan, he wanted blueberry pancakes. I went to the fridge and took out the orange juice when I set it on the counter Aiden already had two glasses set on it and he began pouring it and setting them on the table. I finished cooking my pancake and put it on a plate. I started to work on Aiden’s while he got forks, napkins, and syrup.

By the time I finished Aiden’s pancakes he was sitting at the table. I set it down in front of him and then sat across from him and started eating my pancakes. It had always been like that. We were close and we knew it.

“Can Jake come over today?” Aiden asked shoveling food into his mouth. I nodded and said “I’m going to be a little late today, Janet asked me to work about an hour late. Jake can come after I get home though.” I replied.

“Who’s turn to do the dishes?” Aiden asked.

“Yours. Did you do your homework?”

Aiden replied “Yea and I aced my spelling test yesterday.” I high fived him and put our dishes in the sink.

“Be ready in five, I’m just going to do something.” I said bounding up the stairs. I brushed out my hair and put on a zebra print belt with my nice fitting jeans and blue Nikes. I ad on a blue shirt and a blue jacket, I then grabbed my bag and went back downstairs.

Aiden was standing by the door with his back pack on his shoulders. I got my keys from the drawer and headed outside to my white Volvo. Aiden got in the passenger side and I got in the driver’s side and started the car. I drove him to his elementary school and then went to my high school and parked in the student parking lot.

Ethan, as always, was waiting by the entrance door for me. I smiled at him and his loyalty. He has never broken our pack. I looped my arm with his and walked to my locker. On the way there I saw Keith. “Hey Keith!” I called out to him smiling.

He smiled back his shy smile and then his eyes flickered to our interlocked arms and I saw jealousy flare in his eyes for a second before he covered it up, but I saw it. I interlaced my hand with Keith’s and I know I probably looked weird with two guys wrapped around me but I couldn’t care less.

They can think what they want, I have all I ever wanted right here with me. A cute boyfriend, an ultimate best friend who would always stand by me, two best friends, good grades, talents, and an awesome brother. I’m happy.

“So Allie how’s Aiden? I haven’t seen him in forever.” Ethan said. His British accent was barely showing but when he got made or upset he was full on British like he had live there his whole life. Allie was what Ethan called me, I guess you can get Allie from Alex but I really have no idea.

“He’s good; you should come by some time. He misses you.” I replied when I got to my locker. I looked beside me at the new locker, I always had the last locker and now there is another one. It looked like any other locker, but it was really nice. For a second I thought I saw a kind of glow around it when I touched the combination lock. I was probably hallucinating.

“Keith, I’m sorry for being so touchy with Ethan but he’s my best friend. He knows more about me than I do myself. Please don’t be upset.” I pleaded when Ethan was gone. I hated it when he was mad at me. He debated for a second then I saw genuine forgiveness in his eyes.

“It’s okay. I shouldn’t be jealous over him. I know you two are just friends.” He said smiling.

 I leaned toward him and kissed him softly on the lips. I hugged him bye after the kiss ended and then opened my locker. I grabbed my science book a pushed it into my bag.

It sucks when your fist hour is science. It really does. I started to walk in the direction of my class when suddenly I was falling. My arms flailed out everywhere as I tried to catch myself. I was grabbing air and before I knew it I was one the ground. No, this is too soft to be the ground I looked up and found out I had fallen on some guy I had never seen before.

I quickly jumped to my feet and started apologizing. I tripped again but this time the guy caught me and pointed at my shoes, they were untied.

“Could you at least try not killing yourself?” He said before pushing past me. That was rather rude. My cheeks were bright red as everyone had seen my little incident. I tied my shoe laces and rushed to my class. How embarrassing.

I kept my head down all hour because everyone was still talking about me. I can’t believe I was so stupid. I took out my book and I was just about to start writing again when the teacher started giving out our homework. I put it away and started to work on it so I wouldn’t have to do it at home. I finished just before the bell rang and packed up my things.

My schedule really sucks because I have second hour P.E. It’s like getting ready in the morning for no reason. It’s not like we ever did anything though, so that was a plus. I scurried off to the gym, not even stopping at my locker. I had my gym clothes in my bag since I washed them last night.

“Hey Margret.” I said as she came up to me. She had been running to catch up with me and her red ringlets were flying behind her, her cat-like green eyes glued to the ground. She had tiny very light brown freckles dotted across her nose. I was so jealous of her, she was so beautiful and she couldn’t even see it.

“Hi Alex, Rocky is in the office.” She said in her quiet, high voice.

“Again? That’s the second time this week.” I replied incredulously. She nodded her head in agreement. Ethan didn’t have second hour P.E. so it was usually just Margret, Rocky, and I. But since Rocky is in the office it’s just Margret and I.

“I heard you fell on the new guy.” Maggie said her green eyes lighting up like she knew something I did not.

I blushed again and looked down. “It was an accident. My laces were untied.” I replied sheepishly.

We got to the gym and took a seat in our roll call spot so we wouldn’t be marked absent. I made sure my shoe laces were tied before getting up to dress out.


Later on in P.E. Rocky showed up. Her face was smiling and I knew she had gotten away with another one of her pranks. Her shoulder length black hair was straightened and her eyes were sparkling with amusement. Her tan shoulders were on display because of the bright pink one shoulder shirt she had on with black skinny jeans and pink converses.

“What did you do this time?” I asked raising a blonde, arched eyebrow at her.

“I called the teacher a whore. She is a whore though, I mean she is married and I caught her making out with Mr. Hensworth. Grossest thing ever.” Rocky explained her eyes lighting up again because she knew something she could hold against her teacher.

I chuckled ruefully at her and we began talking about random things. I didn’t pay much attention to the conversation until I heard my name being mentioned. “What?” I asked confused as to what they were talking about.

“We were talking about how you were all over the new guy this morning. My cheeks flared as I stuttered to explain myself. “I-I fell. My shoe laces were undone.” Rocky and Margret laughed, or more like Margret laughed lightly covering her mouth like she was trying not to be caught and Rocky was laughing so hard she clutched her stomach.

I hit Rocky on the head and said “Rochelle Crystal Jenks, it was not as funny as your first name.” I threw back at her. She hit me back and we all continued to chatter mindlessly paying no attention to anyone around us.

Soon third hour came and I was back at my locker putting my gym clothes and my science things away while taking out my English book and the paper that was due today. I moved my hand and ended up elbowing someone in the stomach.

“I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to, I swear!” I apologized to the person behind me. I turned and saw the guy I fell on earlier this morning. Why do I keep hurting this guy!

“Come on!” He said rubbing the spot where I hit him. It didn’t look like it would heart him. He was tall with dark brown hair and green eyes. I mumbled another sorry and he slinked off. I was again embarrassed because I was being clumsy today.

I groaned and went to English class where the teacher said we needed to write a short story about knights and the medieval age. Well I was already ahead. I gave myself a mental pat on the back and continued to work on a worksheet I had gotten from science class. I would have to turn in the story on Monday.

The bell rang and I quickly closed my book and packed it away. Time for more school. I thought bitterly.


After school I went to my part time job and a tiny little diner. I worked until about four o’clock and then got in my car and drove home. When I got there I checked the mail. As I was flipping through the bills I came upon a letter from our parents.

Aiden had one so I quickly gave it to him. I also got a letter but I never read those anyway so I threw it away. Then there was money for bills and groceries for this month. I scoffed at it and took out the checks and put them up. I would pay the bills later.

I told Aiden his friend Jake could come over and went up to my room. I took out my book and put my bag in the closet. I got out a pen and started to work on my story. Only a few more pages and a story twist to go and I would be done.

Jameson stared down at his maiden. On his knees as knights fought in battle around him. Blood drained from her face as it seeped onto the grass that was already stained with other knights’ blood. He took her hand in his and then noticed a birthmark on her right hand. This wasn’t Rosaline; this was Rosaline’s twin Elizabeth.

He smiled and then frowned again. He was joyous that his beloved was still alive and well but upset because he had taken away Rosaline’s sister. Rosaline loved her sister dearly and would be devastated that she had died at the hands of Jameson. He wondered if Rosaline would still love him when he told her he had killed her little sister.

He rose from his knees and continued slashing through knights to find Rosaline. She must be locked away. He thought. No matter, I will just find the tallest tower and I know that will be where she has been hidden by the evil King George.

Soon he will marry Rosaline and become king of the land.

I closed my story book when I heard a knock on my door. I slid the book under my bed and told them to come in.

It was Aiden. “Ethan’s here.” He said before leaving the door open and walking back down the stairs to speak with Ethan. I got off my bed and went to let Ethan in. I knew Aiden would never let him in even though he has known him almost all his life. He’s such a weird kid sometimes.

“Hey Ethan, what’s up?” I asked when I got to the door. He shrugged and came in.

“I just wanted to see my best friend. Is that such crime?” He said playfully. I shook my head and we went up to my room.

“So I heard you fell on the new guy and elbowed him in the stomach? Does my little Allie have a crush?” Ethan asked poking my stomach. I laughed.

“Yeah right! The guy is so rude. I mean I said I was sorry and he was still being a jerk. Today is not my day.” I sighed and plopped down on my bed on my stomach.

Ethan sat on the floor next to my bed and put his palm on my head and closed his eyes. I laughed and asked “What are you doing you weird person?” I hit him with a pillow and moved his hand off my head.

“I was reading your thoughts. You were thinking about tacos.” Ethan stated matter-of-factly.

“No I wasn’t!” I laughed. “Yeah you were. Everyone thinks about tacos when people try to read their mind!” He reasoned. I called him stupid and then I heard the doorbell ring. Someone else is here?

Ethan came with me to see who it was and I opened the door to find Rocky there. She was holding her makeup bag and curling irons and straightening irons. Oh no. We let her in and we decided we min as well invite Margret too. We called her up and she was there in about thirty minutes.

We all went up to my room and I started straightening Margret’s hair. Around six twenty Aiden’s friend Jake left and I told Aiden he could go to a friend’s house since it was Friday.

We talked about random stuff until there was another knock on the door at about seven. My eyebrows scrunched up and I told everyone to keep talking while I got the door. When I opened it there was a middle aged man with a little girl that was just about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. She had dark brown hair that was cascading down her back in curls with bright green eyes. She looked about Aiden’s age also.

“Hello, my name is Luke Johnson and this is my daughter Lily.” The middle aged man said. I smiled brightly.

“Hi, I’m Alexandria Tyson but you can call me Alex. How can I help you?” I replied politely.

“Well are you parents’ home?”

I shook my head and said “No, they are usually away on business.”

“In that case I just came to tell you that I’m new in the neighborhood and I’m right across the street. I just wanted to meet my new neighbors.” He said smiling.

“That’s great, well how old is Lily?” I asked looking down at Lily.

“She is nine, turning ten this summer.” Luke said. Lily looked delighted to be brought into the conversation.

“Well I have a little brother named Aiden that is ten turning eleven in August. They could probably play together?” I suggested. This girl was too cute and I bet Aiden would have a major crush on her.

“Of course, maybe dinner at my house tomorrow so they can meet?” Luke asked. We agreed for dinner tomorrow at seven thirty and said goodbye. I closed the door and went back up to my room to finish the night with my friends. I smiled on my way up the stairs, life was good…

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