One Way Or Another! A 1D fanfic

Bella, Eluise, Kaeli, Nicole and Kassedy are the best of friends. One summer, the girls decide to take a trip to London. All they wanna do is let loose and have some fun, to get away from the drama of L.A.! And there's 5 five people who certainly can help them with that!


4. What surprise?

                                                 Kaeli's pov

By the time we left the mall, my feet were killing me! We all decided to go to my house cause that's the place we always hung out at. "Sarah! I'm back!" i yelled to my older sister. "Hey! Whoa!" Sarah gave us all hugs then gasped when she saw the large amount of bags at our feet. "Now you have to show my what you got!" she laughed. "k!" Bella yelled. We all laughed and ran upstairs to my bedroom. "I'll show you first" i volunteered. "But I wanted to!" Eluise whined. "How bout you all go at the same time?" Sarah suggested. "okay" we all said. "Hurry up slow pokes!" Sarah yelled. We were all crowded in my closet to change. I don't know why, but we were. After a lot of struggling and bumps on the head, we finally got our first outfits on. "we're done!" Nicole yelled. We all walked out of the crouded closet, trying not to step on each other's toes. "OOOOOOOOO! Me likey!" Sarah laughed. I was wearing white shorts, a black loose-sleave shirt with a purple bandeau under it, purple flip-flops and a purple and black pearl necklace. Eluise was wearing a floral sundress, matching sandals and a matching headband. Bella was wearing a blue skirt, an off-white blouse, white and blue striped flats, matching earrings and her new MAC eyeliner. Kassedy was wearing neon pink jeans, a multi-neon coloured tank top, matching TOMS and a pink cardigan. Nicole, being Nicole, was wearing loose capris, a light green button down top, a white head-band and light green TOMS. "Let's see those new bathing suits" Sarah said, raising an eyebrow. We all smiled and crammed back into the small closet. In less then 5 minutes, we all pushed out of the closet. "ta da!" we said, showing Sarah our bathing suits. "so i'm guessing you all know about the surprise!" Sarah said.

"What suprise?" we asked, confused.

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