One Way Or Another! A 1D fanfic

Bella, Eluise, Kaeli, Nicole and Kassedy are the best of friends. One summer, the girls decide to take a trip to London. All they wanna do is let loose and have some fun, to get away from the drama of L.A.! And there's 5 five people who certainly can help them with that!


5. Hit the Hay

                                                              Bella's pov

"c'mon Sarah! Tell us" i pestured Sarah. "I can't tell you!" she said. "why?" i whined. "Cause" she mocked. "can you give us a hint?" i asked. "You're not gonna find out til tomorrow!" she laughed. "you're MEAN!" i cried and playfully hit her arm. "Shut up!" Nicole mumbled. "Yah! Some people are trying to sleep!" Kaeli said after. Me, Sarah and Kassedy were the only ones still awake. "Oh bite me!" kassedy chuckled. The girls just groaned and Eluise covered her face with her pillow. "I'm bored." I complained. "What time is it Sarah?" Kassedy asked Sarah. "4:30 am" Sarah said casually. "and if i were you guys, I'd probably go to sleep concidering we have to get up early tomorrow. But unfortunately, you guys aren't as smart as the others" she joked and pointed to the 3 lumps of sleeping bags on the floor beside us. "whatever." i mumbled. After about 10 minutes, i fake yawned and said, "I don't know about you guys, but I'm gonna hit the hay." totally ignoring the fact that Sarah just suggested that. Sarah just rolled her eyes. "yah me too" Kassedy smirked. We both curled up in our sleeping bags and fell asleep instantly.




A/N Sorry it's short! This was just a quick filler for what's next!


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