One Way Or Another! A 1D fanfic

Bella, Eluise, Kaeli, Nicole and Kassedy are the best of friends. One summer, the girls decide to take a trip to London. All they wanna do is let loose and have some fun, to get away from the drama of L.A.! And there's 5 five people who certainly can help them with that!



                                      Kassedy's pov

As I woke up in the morning, i looked out my window. The sun was shining bright. i smiled as i remembered that it was THE FIRST DAY OF SUMMER HOLIDAYS! I jumped up out of bed and ran to take a shower. i got out and dryed my hair. i decided not to straighten my hair. i put on neon multi-colored shorts, a white tank top and my blue flip flops and went downstairs. i grabbed an apple and headed out the door to my car. i got in and went to meet the girls at the mall. When i arrived, i got out and walked to the food court where i was meeting them. "HAY GIRLFRIEND!!!" Bella screamed to me when the girls saw me. "hey!" i waved and ran the rest of the way. When i got there, i jumped on Eluise's lap. "ouch! Dude you gotta stop doing that!" she cried. i just giggled. "so what're we gonna do first girlies?" i asked. "well, we were gonna go get new bathing suits!" cried Kaeli. "okey dokey!" i said and we went to the Boat House. We practically live there!



Sorry its boring! Not posting another chapter til i get good feed back! 

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