One Way Or Another! A 1D fanfic

Bella, Eluise, Kaeli, Nicole and Kassedy are the best of friends. One summer, the girls decide to take a trip to London. All they wanna do is let loose and have some fun, to get away from the drama of L.A.! And there's 5 five people who certainly can help them with that!


3. Bathing Suit Blues

                                Eluise's pov

"How bout this one?" Nicole asked spinning around, showing us the bathing suit she picked out. It was a gorgeous, purple, polka- dot, bandeau-top bikini. She looked AMAZING! "Love it! You're buying it!" Bella yelled. "okay!" she smiled. She went back into the changing room to put her clothes back on. "My turn!" Kassedy cried. "show us your choice Kass! Give us somethin' to look at!" Belled said then whistled. "oh you shut up!" Kassedy laughed. "NO! i will not be silenced!" Bella said, trying to keep a straight face but failed and bursted out laughing. We all just rolled our eyes and waited for Kassedy to come back out. In no time at all, she came back out in the most adorable bathing suit ever! It was a neon pink, orange and yellow halter-top bikini with a little skirt covering her bathing suit bottoms. "SO CUTE!" Kaeli squealed. "i know right?!" Kassedy laughed. We all giggled and insisted that she bought it. She went back in the change room and changed into her clothes. "C'mon Ell! It's your turn!" Nicole smiled. "No thank you." i politely said and turned around. This was the time of summer i hated the most. I hated trying on bathing suits. "C'mon Ell! PWEASE?" Kassedy cried and made a puppy dog face. "fine.' i gave in. I trudged into the change room and picked out a light pink, Paisley print bikini that was the least revealing out of all. The girls picked out all of the bathing suits i had to choose from because they wanted me wear something else other then the black one piece i always wear. I put on the bikini and looked at myself in the mirror before showing myself. i frowned and put on a cover-up over top. i walked out and spun around. "What do you guys think?" i asked. "where's the bathing suit?" Kaeli asked. "i didn't wanna show you. It showed to much of my stomach." i replied. "uh uh! take that thing off! show us the bathing suit!" Bella cried. "No!" i snapped. "YESSSSSS!" they all whined. "whatever." i mumbled and took off the cover-up. "oooooooo! IT'S SO PRETTY!" Nicole laughed. "Yah! You are so pretty in this! Why do you always cover up?" Kassedy asked. "Cause i don't like the way my body looks." i said. "NO WAY! Don't pull that crap with me! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!" Bella complimented. My face imediatly turned red. "BUY IT BUY IT!" the girls chanted. "OK." i smiled. i quickly ran back into the change room and changed back into my clothes. The rest of the girls tried on bathing suits and chose one to buy. "wanna know what i need?" Nicole said. "not really." Bella mumbled. "oh shut it!" Nicole said, glaring at her. "i need a hair cut!" Nicole said showing us her hair. "what's wrong with it?" i asked. "She's got friggin split ends!" Kaeli pointed out. "oh no!" i said sarcastically then covered my mouth. "i'll do it Nic!" Bella volunteered. "i don't trust you!" Nicole said pointing at Bella. "I'll do it!"Kaeli said. "okay! I trust you!" nicole said. We all laughed.

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