One Way Or Another! A 1D fanfic

Bella, Eluise, Kaeli, Nicole and Kassedy are the best of friends. One summer, the girls decide to take a trip to London. All they wanna do is let loose and have some fun, to get away from the drama of L.A.! And there's 5 five people who certainly can help them with that!


1. A/N

HAYYYYYYY! I'm Abby, The author obvs! Hope u like my fanfic! Loves yous guyzes! PLEASE! ENJOY!


Bella: long curly brown hair, green eyes,18

Kaeli: blonde hair a bit longer than shoulder length, brown eyes, generous,18

Nicole: short dirty blonde hair, hazel eyes,19

Eluise: dark brown hair, blue/green eyes,18

Kassedy: red long hair, blue eyes,20

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