Silent Nights (my personal diary)

Ok my personal diary. Comment to help! :) xxx


3. See what he dose to me?

Why is he like this?!?!?!

I'm in the cafeteria, me and my friends are laughing and joking around. I got a new boyfriend, who doesn't abuse my heart, Alan.

"No, no, no!" Sanyah yells.

"Yup! Now go!" Nestor says.

I jump up and grab her arm. I look out the cafeterias doors, I see him. Dustin. Bad, no bad is definitely not the word. Horrible memory's came rushing back to me. The past flashes back.


"No Dustin, you hurt me! Badly! I will never forgive you!" I cried.

"Please I'm sorry!" He cried back.

"I will never ever forgive you, after what you've done to me." I whispered and pulled out of his grasp and ran.

I sat back down. I cried softly into my arms as the rested on the table.

"Scarlett! What happened?!" Alex said.

"Why are you crying?!?!?!" Sanyah yelled.

I stood up.

"HIM! I SAW HIM!" I kept repeating.

"Who? Who did you see?" Sanyah said. Obviously confused.

"HIM! Dustin." I said whispering the last part.

HE RUINED MY LIFE COMPLETELY!!!!! I will never forgive him!

I need him to leave me, forget me, lose me completely.

Why won't he?,


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