Silent Nights (my personal diary)

Ok my personal diary. Comment to help! :) xxx


5. Comment if you care

Be you and be me

In my room, showing off my skill.

You're in the room, on the phone, laughing and joking.

I'm being me.

And you're being you.

We have gone our separate ways.

We are not a whole anymore. I'm a whole.

I loved you. I'm over you. I found someone new. Who won't abuse my heart.

Do you feel ashamed?

You should.

If your reading this, then, you'll know how much pain you caused me.

Thank you. For showing your true colors. For bringing out the devil inside you.

Can you even breath knowing how you treated me?

Dustin Tyler, why did you do this to me?
You broke me, emotionally and mentally.

Please, show me. That if you did care. You would actually say I'm sorry.

Just sending me texts saying "I'm so sorry" won't do it. You have to SHOW ME that you care. And that you're truly sorry for what you have done.

Other people who are reading this, why are you reading it if you don't give a damn?

Comment below, to help me. Tell me, what happened to you.

I am a caring person. I even care for the person I hate.

I care about you.


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